Debjani’s Thoughts

Hi All! I am Debjani. My love for books has resulted in my book blog where I post reviews about books that I loved reading. Please take a look! Who knows you might find your next great read.

Chi Town Book Girl

I mainly started Chi Town Book Girl, because while I’m reading a book, I get so many different ideas and opinions that swirl around in my head. By the time I finish the book, I’m busting at the seams to let it all out.

The fun thing about reviews (and life) is that no two people approach it exactly the same. That’s what makes everything so fun! With the vast amount of book review blogs out there, you can gain a different perspective from each one. That being said, I sincerely hope I can help a fellow bookworm find their next favorite read. Maybe you’ll find the content in my blog useful, maybe not. But at the very least, I hope you find it entertaining.

That Book I Love

My blog contains my reviews and opinions of the recent book I read/consumed. Apart from reviews , I also post some fun bookish contents like book tags and favourites.

Dr. Mel’s Message

I interview authors, talk about books and address a lot of other things other than politics.

Spine Cracker

A blogger than specialises in horror and darker novels, Spine Cracker loves all things creepy and kooky. With her constantly growing following her mission is to spread the love for her favourite books and genres.

Jenchaos Reviews

This is a blog the contains book reviews, issues about reading and literacy. There are articles about authors that have inspired us-young and old. Finally, it is meant to inspire others to read.

An Angry Old Man Reviews Books

I am old, and I like to read. Why this is a problem to some people, I don’t know. So my grandson suggests to me that it might be fun (I shit you not) for me to “connect” with people around my love of books, and he sets up this blog for me. I didn’t tell him it was the stupidest idea ever – I just gave him my blankest, old man, give me more pudding face, and held my tongue. First of all, how am I supposed to connect with someone by writing a blog anyway? Will you people magically come through my modem and be my friend? Right. Also, I know it was his mother who put him up to it in the first place, even though he acted like it was just this idea that came to him one day between skateboarding and playing Minecraft. Maybe instead of conducting Operation Elderly Outreach she should have taught him to be a better liar – definitely a more applicable life skill. So, not wanting to be a total dick, I told him it was a great idea and that I’d write some thoughts about the books I was reading. Happy now?

Before we go blog

Hello, I am Elizabeth and I review all things graphic novel and science fiction/fantasy related. I enjoy interacting with people and look forward to new books like a kid at Christmas! I am involved in ARC content, blog tours, and public interaction with the writing community.

The Lexington Bookie

WordPress book-blog since 2016. Posting book reviews between 2-4 times per week, and coordinating posts to social media outlets. Reviews many different genres and discussing book and blog-related content.

Gina Rae Mitchell

I am a reviewer/blogger interested in many genres. If I review your book, I will share it in my Friday Finds newsletter, my social media, and as a blog post or in a round-up post on my website. I do my best to leave an honest, fair review. If I find your manuscript is not a good fit for myself or my readers, I will contact you immediately so you may find another reviewer more suited to your work. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. My full review policy is on my website.