Gina Rae Mitchell

I am a reviewer/blogger interested in many genres. If I review your book, I will share it in my Friday Finds newsletter, my social media, and as a blog post or in a round-up post on my website. I do my best to leave an honest, fair review. If I find your manuscript is not a good fit for myself or my readers, I will contact you immediately so you may find another reviewer more suited to your work. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. My full review policy is on my website.

A Thin Slice of Anxiety

Welcome to A Thin Slice of Anxiety. A blog detailing the chronicles of a book addict.
Here you will find a collection of book reviews that will hopefully inspire you to lead a fuller life, to challenge yourself, empathize more with others and grow stronger.

Wonder’s Book Blog

Welcome to Wonder Books!

Launched on 6th May 2018, Wonder’s Book Blog is one of the fastest growing Book-related-Websites. We review books on 10+ platforms with 3000+ followers. We are completely devoted to books and contents related to it. We do our best to bring you the latest Book News and Reviews.

Here you will find Book Reviews, Book Recommendations, Author Recommendations, Book offers, Contests, Giveaways, Author Recommendations and many more bookish contents.

Hope You Will Enjoy This site!

Have a good day and read a lot of books!

Wonder’s Book Blog!

Fantasy Land

“Where Romance finds Light” is the theme of Fantasy Land.
Fantasy Land is individually owned by me. It is a special passion of mine that I enjoy as a hobby.
There is a multitude of different authors on my site, but it is mainly a romance blog.
Please feel free to take a peek at all the wonderful authors that I enjoy and read a book review an author, at your leisure.

Ramblings of a Book Nerd

Hi-ya!! It’s Jessica & Melissa from Ramblings of a Book Nerd! Feel free to drop us a comment or check out blog! We mainly review, YA books of all genres. We’re both really into YA., not so much historical, erotica, nonfiction. We review New Adult, some sci-fi, romance too! We review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Blogger! Check us out!

Lace and Dagger Books

Lace and Dagger Books is a place for me to talk about writing and whatever I am reading at the time. This is mostly YA books with a few adult books thrown in every now and then.

A bright and friendly blog, I am open to reading others books for review.

Nya Reads

Nya is a design geek who needed a hobby blog to talk about things she enjoys, such as books, because there’s more to life than just work. She reads fantasy & science-fiction since a very young age (and sometimes she writes too), but her guilty pleasure is chick-lit and women’s fiction. Other genres she reads and quite enjoys: mystery and suspense; non-fiction; contemporary fiction. She has always supported indie authors and has reviewed several books in the past. Even though she doesn’t have much free time these days, she’s always open to feature and interview new authors.

Read. Gab. Repeat.

26 year old from New Zealand obsessed with all things books. Molecular microbiology PhD student by day, devourer of books by night. Lend me an ear and let me gab on about books.

diary of a wannabe writer

Diary of a wannabe writer is my favorite place to talk about books I’ve read, want to read or lists of favorite novels. I like to read a variety of genres, mostly YA with occasional Adult and MG, fantasy (any kind), paranormal, sci-fi, adventure, and romance. It’s all about books. 🙂


Diary of Difference

I write book reviews and sometimes do interviews with authors. I post certain tags, like Down the TBR Hole, and Monthly Wrap Ups. I also am a huge loves of postcards, so I post postcard hauls as well.