Want to be kept up to date on new submissions?

Honestly, when I started this site 4 years ago, I imagined that I would list my blog and maybe 50 other bloggers. Here we are 4 years later, I have well over 3000 listings and am adding anywhere between 50 and 100 new bloggers each month. This site gets between 800 and 1000 hits on a typical day. Clearly, authors keep finding the site and using it to find book bloggers to help them promote their books.

Early on, I was encouraged to make this site a membership site and charge a fee to view the listings – but that went against my desire to help authors without putting a price tag on the help. So I pay for the hosting and the domain registration out of my pocket and I volunteer anywhere from 10 to 30 hours a week working on this site.

It is a labor of love.

I have made many changes on this site over the years in response to suggestions. The most common request I received early on for this site was for a way to be notified when new bloggers were listed. I get that going through the lists of bloggers is time consuming and certainly frustrating when I add new bloggers. I have no easy way of allowing authors to “mark the spot” they left off at.

To respond to this, I added a subscription function. Any author who wanted to be notified of new listings could get an email with the latest additions. I send these notes out via MailChimp. Again, I underestimated the author demand for this function. I thought I would be sending out 40 or 50 notes every time I added new bloggers…well that list has reached 6000.

I know…Holy Cow!

I pay for this function also. It isn’t a cost that I can continue to pay for, so rather than cancel it, I’ve decided to make it the ‘Premium’ portion of this site. At a cost of $10 every 6 months, I’m hoping that authors will see this as affordable and the funds will allow me to help pay the MailChimp bill each month.

Do you want an email of new bloggers added to this site?


To make this simple, I need to set up an automatic subscription for the fees. Below, you will see a Paypal link. Use that to set up your subscription and then you will be lead back here to fill out the form to add your email to MailChimp.


Book Blogger List Notifications