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Thank you for finding us! As you can see below, we have a few questions for you. We are asking for you blog name, blog url, what genres you accept and a blurb. The blurb is your chance to talk about your blog, what you like, what you don’t like. Feel free to let authors know where they can find your review policy on your blog if you have one.  Also please use this area to be clear about your reading tastes. Our categories are pretty broad and we don’t want you to be peppered with requests for books you don’t read. For example, check historical romance if you read it, but if you only read regency romance, please state that.

Your blog listing will be inserted manually along with a screenshot of your header. When we are finished, we’ll email you a confirmation as well as a badge for your blog. You’ll notice that we ask for your email address. This will not be made public, it is only for the purpose of sending out a confirmation.

This list will be kept up to date. In active blogs will be removed. If you are taking a break from blogging, but want to be left on the list, please email us to let us know.

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