Dusting the Soul

Dusting the Soul is a book and creative writing blog mainly focused on YA fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian fiction. I review books and also host tours, interviews, cover reveals and other author events.


That New Book Smell

My blog is one where I review books of any genre and length (my own personal books and ARCs I receive through NetGalley). I also post my most recent book hauls, monthly bookish events, and monthly book deals as advertised by BookBub.


What Emma Read Next

I love reading and I love sharing my thoughts and opinions on books and all things literary. From reading and reviewing books, taking part in blog tours, cover reveals and interviewing authors all the way through to running literary events and networks in my local area, What Emma Read Next will have it all.


Pass Me That Book

Pass Me That Book began as a means of keeping tracks of all the books that I read, but also as a means of supporting Indie Authors. I love reading fantasy most of all, but I also adore Young Adult, Science Fiction, Historical, Mystery…really, I’m not picky as a book reader. I love helping promote books, and spreading the word about my favorite books that I’ve read. If interested, come check it out! I promise, I don’t bite! After all, I’m too busy reading!


Under The Mountain

Hi, I’m Vee! I’m a 26 year old book blogger from Somerset in the UK. I almost exclusively read Young Adult and Children’s books with a particular love of Historical, Contemporary and Dystopia. When I’m not blogging you can find me wandering around the shelves on Goodreads, or ranting about current events on Twitter.


Book Therapy

counsellor and author. Passionate about literature, psychology, life and mental health she launched Book Therapy as a form of non-conventional therapy and personal coaching.

Bijal is a top writer on Medium for the category ‘Reading’ and ‘Poetry’. Bijal is also the author and publisher of The Happiness Mindset under the pen name Brandon Stanberg. The book details 12 life strategies, designed to make you happier and more successful.

Our concept is based around the simple idea that ‘reading heals’ and specifically prescribed reading can make us more self-aware, informed, happier and resilient. Reading to heal is an age-old, timeless form of therapy, prevalent since the beginning of written verse. Reading is therapeutic and it allows us to connect with other characters (fictional or non-fictional) who face similar issues. By connecting with them we feel understood – our plight has been acknowledged and we are not alone in how we are feeling. Instead, we are guided and inspired by how others deal with these issues. Our conscious and sub-conscious mind escapes into a form of meditation that can not only be therapeutic, but also relaxing and entertaining, offering respite from the daily stresses of modern life.


Georgia Ball, Author

Comic writer and author Georgia Ball reviews books with advice for parents and teachers. With a special emphasis on picture books, Ball also recommends middle grade, chapter books, and YA. Recent submissions are posted alongside traditional favorites.


Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest

We are Megan and Crystal, a mother-daughter blogging duo. We read many genres from kidlit to romance, mixing in some mystery and sci-fi in between. We are lovers of Indie authors, doing our best to share some of our favorite reads with our blogging friends. We are also the hosts of the AtoZ Reading Challenge and #ChildrensBookTuesday. You can find us with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other, on a quest to tame the Kindle beast! Stop by and say hi!


Eeva Lancaster’s Desk

Let’s talk about books and self publishing.


Author Anthony Avina’s Blog

I am an author who has spent the last year and a half building my website into a successful book blog, where I give honest reviews that focus on the positive aspects of a novel rather than the negative. I don’t think negativity helps authors or books succeed, and that’s what I want from my blog, for people to succeed with their passion projects and careers. I also have started reviewing music, movies and more on my blog, and offer guest blog posts, author interviews and more!