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A fun platform for movie and book reviews, news, guest posts and author interviews. Reads & Reels is light, authentic and a little bit cheeky.

Ghost Light Publishing – The Blog

I’m L.C. Ireland; an author, educator, and artist. But before all that, I was a reader. This blog is my way of getting back in touch with the hobby that started it all. Ghost Light Publishing – The Blog will serve as a book review blog as well as a compilation of resources and ramblings for authors. When considering submitting your book for me to read and review, please keep in mind that my blog audience skews young and/or conservative.

The Brunette Bookworm Blog

Books Point

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A Song for Summer

A Song for Summer is first and foremost a space where I can share my works, and also geek out about other books I’ve recently read or been requested to read. From fantasy to historical fiction, I find myself attracted to any book that presents itself as an adventure, from the first page to the last. I review books with utmost professionalism.


I read and analyze fantasy, science fiction, and romance novels! I’m also a computer scientist and so I love to do data analysis projects about the books that I read.

Lucidity Publishing

In January 2017 I changed the name of my blog to more accurately reflect the scope of my business. Lucidity publishing is a book review blog but also gives authors guidance in their own writing efforts. Lucidity publishing can edit, proofread, arrange book cover designs, and upload books to multiple retail outlets for authors. If your needs are not covered in this description please email with any questions.

RPL Teen Hub

Welcome to the RPL TEEN HUB! This is a Richmond Public Library space for teens in Richmond, BC, Canada. Find information about great books, the new and hot series you need to read, get information about library programs, volunteer opportunities, current events and more!

Mia Celeste

Mia Jo Celeste is a writer, a reader and an English teacher. She features books, authors and insights about the craft of writing.

Helen’s Bookshelf

Book reviews from a Yorkshire bookworm! I started this blog to share my opinions and thoughts on books I’ve been reading hopefully to help others with similar tastes to me find new books to read. I’ll review pretty much any genre, but my favourites are sci-fi and fantasy, especially steam punk, adventures, magic, anything with robots or anything a bit odd.