Retrospect, On My Take!

Retrospect, on my take. I wanted to describe people, what this blog is all about by the name itself. And I thought this would be the perfect way to describe.  I, very early in life, have discovered that the calling of my passion lies in writing. To support and nurture my passion, I started Blogging. I review books/films/products etc. That’s how Retrospect, On My Take came into existence.

Power Librarian

I’m a librarian and fledgling author who’s passionate about getting the right books into the right hands. I review almost all genres across age categories from young adult to adult. I’m a little pickier when it comes to science fiction and historical fiction. For science fiction, I prefer books that lean towards the “soft” side, and for historical fiction, I prefer genre-blended: eg. spy, thrillers, sci fi, fantasy… For non-fiction – I prefer science books.

Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk

My son and I review children’s books together, primarily picture books at this point. I review adult books on the blog as well. My reading preferences are fantasy, cozy mystery, and historical romance. I have a review policy posted on the blog.

Felix the Fox Mysteries

Felix the Fox is the hero of my historical-fantasy-mystery mash-up (a.k.a. Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic – for lovers of Ancient Rome, Urban Fantasy, and Mysteries). While he’s not twisting my ear and dictating his memoirs to me (I break my teeth translating his Latin into English), the I read.
A lot.
And I write reviews about the books I read. WHAT I will read greatly depends on what catches my fancy when I’m looking for book. I will only finish books I enjoy (life is too short), and I will only write reviews for books I finish. I will post my reviews on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.

The Little Booknerds in the Corner

All of us here are book nerds of some kind. Potters heads, Divergents, Tributes, Shadowhunters, Howlers and any other type of fan book based group. This blog is perfect for everyone no matter what type of book group you belong to.

Miss Honeybug’s Reads & Crafts

Hi! Alicia here!, this blog is all about my passion for books and crafts. I try to post once or twice per week from YA romance to self-help and lots of art and craft related books. I will also share my own crafty works and even tutorials, mostly book inspired creations. You can visit me anytime and chat with me through any social media channel or comments section of my blog, I would love to hear what you are up to 😀

The Reading Life

The Reading is a book blog that topic does not limit to anything as long as it relates to literature one way or another.

I’m a blogger and reviewer who is generally open to all genres but is more favorable and preferable toward YA (and have a bigger YA audience as well). Enjoy romance in YA books, but will not accept Erotica.

Most preferable genre in YA is Fantasy, followed by paranormal, dystopian, and contemporary.

My reviews are always posted on my blog (The Reading Life), Amazon, and Goodreads while I always promote it through Twitter and Facebook. The majority of my audience are in US, Canada, and several countries in Europe including Italy and Lithuania.

Along with the promised reviews, it’s a habit of mine to always throw in something extra for the publishers or authors if they wish (extra promotions, giveaway, etc).


Hi, I’m Karis and I’m 21 and from England. I love all things YA, particularly contemporaries and fantasy. I often delve into MG books and am trying to broaden my horizons and read more poetry, classics and adult fiction.

I am very new to book blogging so really hope I can meet lots of new people who share the same passion for Young Adult as I do. I love to complete tags recommendations, reviews and lots of fun, new material like games/quizzes. I am really happy to review any YA books in exchange for an honest review.

I really hope you like my blog and I look forward to talking to as many of you in the future!

Ivy’s Well Used Library Card

I write about my journey to become “well-read”. I read widely and diversely but I still have my favourite series or genres. I blog about what I want to read, what I have read, my views on books and hot book topics. I’m also do several challenges and readathons throughout the year and I write about my plans for these plus any utdates and wrap ups in the end.


Hello! I am a brand new blogger but a long time reader. I created my Foxgloves so that I could share what I love as well as get involved in a community that is so creative and kind. I’m currently working on my first novel so that takes up a lot of my time but I love to meet new people and explore the meany universes books have to offer.