Confessions of a Wordaholic

I’m both a writer and a reader. I love to devour romance books, especially ones with lots of angst in them. I enjoy contemporary, new adult, erotica, mystery, suspense, dark fiction, thrillers, and some YA stories. I have a soft spot for second-chance romance stories. I love angst more than anything. The more an author makes me hurt, the more I like the book usually. I use my blog to help spread the word about indie authors, as well as authors who are more well-known. I post reviews, releases, promos, sales, teasers, and occasionally do author spotlights and interviews as well. I’m always looking for a new author to fall in love with, so I enjoy checking new ones out, and there’s a solid group of one-clickers I’ve grown to love over the years who you’ll see on the blog pretty frequently too.

Felix the Fox Mysteries

Felix the Fox is the hero of my historical-fantasy-mystery mash-up (a.k.a. Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic – for lovers of Ancient Rome, Urban Fantasy, and Mysteries). While he’s not twisting my ear and dictating his memoirs to me (I break my teeth translating his Latin into English), the I read.
A lot.
And I write reviews about the books I read. WHAT I will read greatly depends on what catches my fancy when I’m looking for book. I will only finish books I enjoy (life is too short), and I will only write reviews for books I finish. I will post my reviews on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Oh Just Books

I love reading both traditionally published as well as indie authors! Started this book blog after I got a kindle and haven’t been able to unglue myself ever since! I love reading a variety of genres.
P.S. I’m working on a poetry book myself! One can dream 🙂

Hello Yellow Room

Librarian posting modern fiction book reviews, answers to interesting reference desk queries, and children’s room story time plans. Each book review is paired with a recommended playlist to listen while you read.

The Reading Life

The Reading is a book blog that topic does not limit to anything as long as it relates to literature one way or another.

I’m a blogger and reviewer who is generally open to all genres but is more favorable and preferable toward YA (and have a bigger YA audience as well). Enjoy romance in YA books, but will not accept Erotica.

Most preferable genre in YA is Fantasy, followed by paranormal, dystopian, and contemporary.

My reviews are always posted on my blog (The Reading Life), Amazon, and Goodreads while I always promote it through Twitter and Facebook. The majority of my audience are in US, Canada, and several countries in Europe including Italy and Lithuania.

Along with the promised reviews, it’s a habit of mine to always throw in something extra for the publishers or authors if they wish (extra promotions, giveaway, etc).


Hi, I’m Karis and I’m 21 and from England. I love all things YA, particularly contemporaries and fantasy. I often delve into MG books and am trying to broaden my horizons and read more poetry, classics and adult fiction.

I am very new to book blogging so really hope I can meet lots of new people who share the same passion for Young Adult as I do. I love to complete tags recommendations, reviews and lots of fun, new material like games/quizzes. I am really happy to review any YA books in exchange for an honest review.

I really hope you like my blog and I look forward to talking to as many of you in the future!


Hello! I am a brand new blogger but a long time reader. I created my Foxgloves so that I could share what I love as well as get involved in a community that is so creative and kind. I’m currently working on my first novel so that takes up a lot of my time but I love to meet new people and explore the meany universes books have to offer.

Reads Banned Books

In this blog, I evaluate books of all types and genres that I think readers of any age will read. I hope to say something insightful about what makes the books interesting and that my comments will help you decide if they are worth reading.

This Dark Material

This Dark Material is a book and film blog featuring reviews of the latest releases, as well as discussions and other bookish/filmish posts!

Teaser Addicts Book Blog

I blog about indie authors and their books. Any event and any genres all the time.