Jess Combs

I love books with engaging characters that really draw me into the story. Because my reading tastes vary widely, I post about books from many different categories. Everything ranging from the newest children’s story my foster kids are currently loving to the random books my middle schooler feels EVERYONE should be reading to my latest pick in fantasy, science fiction, mystery, drama drama drama (my own category rank), to women’s and literary fiction and historical fiction that gives me a new version of historical events… I basically read and enjoy anything with characters that make me feel as if I know them and we’re going on a journey together. (I often talk about characters from my favorite books as if they live next door.)


I love books and talking about them. By having a blog I am able to do that without my friends and family falling asleep when I talk about them (seeing as they aren’t bookworms like me)

I mainly review fantasy and YA books. However I have reviews some thrillers. I mainly post on my YouTube but I’ve started to post the same information on my blog as well. I also do dream casts and my book subscription box unboxing as well!

Reading A Page Turner

Reading A Page Turner is devoted to giving authors a presence online through book reviews, author interviews, and tours. At RAPT, we will interview authors and support book tours within all genres, but will focus more within the Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller genre when it comes to book reviews.

Anky’s Book Bubble

At Anky’s Book Bubble, you’ll find book reviews from a variety of genres, intriguing author interviews, fun guest posts by authors, bloggers as well as readers and a little something about my own writing career!

2 Girls & A Book

Gushing about my favorite books and fangirling over authors is my life! I am blessed to have Crystal with me to introduce ​ you to wonderful ​authors and fantastic reads. I do not leave home without my kindle and spend every free moment reading. I love meeting authors and attending book signings. 2 Girls & A Book was created from that love and I hope you enjoy my experiences and reviews as well.

Lady Heather’s Reviews

reading good books, writing, coffee, chocolate, wine, cooking & baking, yoga & pilates, and hanging out with my family and friends

Favorite Books
I read military/historical/paranormal/contemporary, and erotica romance and because of the content of these books
I only accept friendships with people who are 18+

About Me:
I’m a hopeless romantic.
I LOVE stories that have an über-alpha-protective-broken male leads, and sassy-kick-ass-intelligent-witty female leads.
The stories I read MUST have a Happily Ever After.
I often re-read my favorite books.

My Rating System:

5 Stars- Amazing
4 Stars- Loved it
3 Stars- Liked it
2 Stars- It was okay
1 Star – I didn’t like it

Words I try to live by: “Treat people the way you’d like to be treated”


I read a lot of New Adult and Adult romance. I must say, Erotica is my #1 favorite genre. Dark romance is something I read too. My book preference also varies with YA. I read very selective YA Fantasy, not a big fan of Urban Fantasy, YA contemporary romance – not so much. Historical Mystery limits to books based in the Victorian Era preferably having a female lead with a very witty male counterpart.

Books Quotes and a Cup of Coffee

My blog is all about Classics, Classic mysteries Suspense Thrillers.

Brainfarts & Books

I read and blog about a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I love mysteries and thrillers. I’m always in search of a good self-help book. I love galleys and physical books and e-books. I also listen to audiobooks quite a bit. I am a Mom of three amazing boys and when I don’t have my nose in a book, I enjoy working out, watching sports, eating sushi, drinking wine, and of course, spending time with my family.

Book Obsession Confessions

We are Classy Babes Reading Trashy Books – we stick to the romance genre (contemporary, erotic, dark, taboo, PNR, etc). We review honestly and colorfully.