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Tangled in Text

Reviews and Giveaways of Books, Media, Travel, and More


This Adventure Called Write

I blog about a few things only. Books I’ve read and with my boys as well as words we don’t often encounter. We read any genre from classics, non-fiction, horrors, fiction and whatever else happens to land on my bedside table. I’m a word nerd and have collected all sorts of words over the years which are slowly finding its way to my blog.


Sarah Anne Carter

Sarah Anne is an avid reader and blogs her book reviews on Mondays and Fridays. She also hosts a monthly Online Book Club for readers.


Epeolatry London

Epeolatry London is a home for the ecclectic and inquisitive minds of bookworms – a place to see book reviews that are never paid for, to share the experiences of suffering tsundoku (I cannot be the only one!) … and more!
Book reviews should go beyond the simple rating of how enjoyable the content of a book was as there is more than the content of the book that makes the experience so fulfilling and (I am sure that) eveyone has a ‘waste of money’ shelf that is filled with books that failed because of the lack in places other than content. Further, book reviews on this site will give you, the reader, a more unbiased review of the books (with Epeolatry London’s reviews kept seperate as much as possible from the personal opinion of the reviewer) hopefully stopping your ‘waste of money’ shelf from growing.
Although this is a book reviewing blog it will always go beyond this with book and reading-centred posts and dedicate posts to the reading and writing aspect of the Open University!


Addicted To Romance

Addicted To Romance is a site that focuses on the love of books, most especially the love of finding those romantic treasures. We features book review, book discussion, blog tours, author interviews, and a new book database.


Africaanah’s book blog (Reviews & recommendations)

A blog about an avid Bookstagrammer, a Coffeeholic who reads, reviews and recommends books.
It also includes bookstagram tips, shoutouts, challenges, giveaways and I might, just might, share a cup of coffee with you.


The Literary Apothecary

Books are the very stuff of human civilization and it seems almost improper to be in a position of not sharing insights I have obtained from them.

Yes, there are those for whom books are mere items for collection. For me, it is so much more. It is a way of escape. Being able to secretly slip into a magical, sacrosanct work of fiction is sheer bliss. Moreover, it became the release of my ever stressed and fretful soul into distant places.


semper aliquid novi africam adferre Books from and about Africa

My bookblog is dedicated to books related to Africa. There is always something new coming from Africa. I read books on many topics, but always related to Africa. Books written by writers from the African content. Books written by others on subjects pertaining to Africa. Africa is a very divers continent, so there is much diversity in what I read. Every week I publish a new review on a book. Next to that there is news about books, writers, publishers and the African world of books.


Boyce McClain’s Collectors’ Corner

Boyce McClain’ Collectors’ Corner has been in existence for 25+ years, first in print, then as a website and blog. Loyal and long-term readers consistently stay within the 500,000 plus range not counting the blog (4,000 – 5,000) and Facebook.

People who read Boyce McClain’ Collectors’ Corner are collectors/consumers who buy mass media entertainment items, collectibles, pop culture and consumer products on a regular basis. Boyce McClain’ Collectors’ Corner targets these readers thus offering companies direct access to those who buy their type of product.

As the owner/writer/editor of Boyce McClain’ Collectors’ Corner I pride myself on writing reviews/testings that are concise, factual and tailored for all ages. Whether it’s electronics, household and outdoor products, toys, comic books, books, games, etc. Boyce McClain’ Collectors’ Corner delivers quick and detailed analysis of collectible/consumer products.

Product reviews/testings appear both in www.bamcc.net and its sister blog site http://bamcc-bam.blogspot.com/. As a longtime collector/consumer and former advertising/marketing/graphic design executive I understand and appreciate the processes by which products are produced. This knowledge gives me a unique perspective and is often mentioned in reviews/testings along with my personal experience as an older collector/consumer.