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Download this Book, features the e-books from new up and coming authors. Download this Book covers all genres and styles of books. Our goal is to help new authors get their books noticed.

Mama Bear Outpost

I’m Dominique, aka. Mama Bear! I’m a: Jesus lover. Wife to a musical red head. Mama to 4 cubs. Homeschooler. Aspiring author. Friend of books. Self-proclaimed hippie. Health Enthusiast. Yoga Newbie. Ravenclaw. INFJ.

I absolutely love sharing my favorite things and reads to my followers! This blog combines my love of books and writing, with being a mama and a homemaker. It’s the best combo ever!

Eyes to See: Seeing Life Clearly as We See God Clearly

My name is Grant, and I love to blog about all things regarding books, Christianity, and the Church! If you enjoy reading, discussing Christian ideas or church leadership, I’d love it if you’d read some of my posts and consider following me!

I call the blog “Eyes to See”, because I believe that we begin to see all of life clearly as we begin to see God more clearly. Everything I write hopefully helps towards this end, as my hope is that we would learn to see all of life differently as we see more and more of who God is.

I post a variety of articles, devotional pieces, and just general thoughts on current events and any other relevant information from a Christian worldview; but probably more than anything else, I tend to read and review books on my blog to promote the reading of good books that inform our understanding of God and our lives.

Greta’s Musings and Random Thoughts

Greta’s Musings and Random Thoughts is my personal blog where I talk about my writing as well as my various interests. Because I am an indie author, it is important to me that I support my colleagues. Therefore, I am going to be featuring one indie book per month on my blog.

Women Connect Online

Membership website whose subjects matter targets the needs of women. Book reviews, guest posts and interviews.

You and I Books

I am a personal blogger who posts reviews because I just love reading and letting others know about how many great books happen to be out there waiting to be read. I am an avid reader and normally post on my blog frequently. I am currently reading about 10-15 books per month. I originally posted on where I am rated as one of the top UK reviewers. I am also #33 reviewer in the world on that site at the time of writing this. Creating a blog and posting on Amazon seemed to be the next step. I accept read for review requests and some of these books are present on my blog. I generally ask for review feedback from authors on a read for review basis. Some of the comments can be seen in my feedback section. Depending on what mood I am in, I may also review exceptional films or music album if I think my followers would find them enjoyable.


Imaginary Friends

I’m a reader, a writer, and the mother of two boys (ages 12 and 7). I review both books that I like to read aloud to my children and ones that they like to read to themselves.

Simply CT

Simply good books. Simple things that rock. Simplicity. Rocks.

I love reading. I read everyday on my train rides to and from work. I don’t write a review for every single book that I read, only those that made an impression on me – whether good or bad, and only those where there aren’t a thousand people already sharing their thoughts and comments. I like leaving feedback for new, undiscovered gems that deserve to be highlighted and given a shot at publishing success.

Black ‘n Write Reviews

An eclectic collection of book reviews, conversations, and teen librarian confessions.


The Italian literary blog to promote authors and books in Italy and Europe.