Jayne Changer

Reader of many romance books and most of their subgenres.


Retrospect, On My Take!

Retrospect, on my take. I wanted to describe people, what this blog is all about by the name itself. And I thought this would be the perfect way to describe.  I, very early in life, have discovered that the calling of my passion lies in writing. To support and nurture my passion, I started Blogging. I review books/films/products etc. That’s how Retrospect, On My Take came into existence.


Power Librarian

I’m a librarian and fledgling author who’s passionate about getting the right books into the right hands. I review almost all genres across age categories from young adult to adult. I’m a little pickier when it comes to science fiction and historical fiction. For science fiction, I prefer books that lean towards the “soft” side, and for historical fiction, I prefer genre-blended: eg. spy, thrillers, sci fi, fantasy… For non-fiction – I prefer science books.


Mississippi Bookworm Diva

A Mississippi Bookworm blogs about reading and books.


Frost At Midnite

If there is a book that I think someone out there will like, I post a review. But then that happens with almost all book doesn’t it!


The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow

A middle grade and picture book review blog. We set up a rhythm to our weekly posts, so readers can follow along. A riddle is posted on Monday, which clues readers in on the book that will be reviewed. If possible, we try to follow up our reviews with an author interview.


Mary’s Read All About It

I am an avid reader and audiobook listener who works in the Audiovisual Department at my library. I am a member of three book groups, a genre study for work, and read my own selections, so I read lots of books that I write book reviews about. The genres that I generally like to read are literary, women’s fiction, historical fiction, psychological suspense, thrillers, mysteries, and contemporary romance.


Book Squirrel

Book Squirrel is the most avid reader in the forest. He loves reading and reviewing books, and sharing great books with the world. He rewards great books with Gold, Silver or Bronze Acorns, and introduced the Golden Squirrel Awards in 2017 for the best book he had read in each genre for the year.


Amy’s Book Obsession

This blog began as a place to keep track of the many books that I read as well as my reviews of those books. The blog is meant to be a place for anyone who loves books and reading to come to learn about books, add to their TBR and all sorts of bookish things!


Heather Tasker

Dweebdom, reading, writing, and reviewing, and living with chronic illness.

I am a big fan of dystopian novels – YA and classic style, science fiction, speculative fiction, health and wellness books (though I suppose I’m pretty picky on those), I like thrillers but am not big on “whodunnits”, I like memoir/biographies, romance and erotica enough to read them occasionally but prefer those elements not being the main focus of what I read.

It’s hard to say what I will be interested in or not just by genre. I like a bit of overyrhing, if it’s well written! Also, I’m part of the grammar police. I’m not mean about it but I take (and send) notes and if a book is in really rough shape I may not enjoy reading it at all.

Now, if you’re looking for a proofreader, that’s another story!