Breakeven Books

Breakeven Books receives books from authors and publishers to be read and gives an honest review. All reviews will be posted on the Breakeven Books blog.📔

Bookstock Festival

Bookstock Festival, is the book equivalent to Woodstock music festival. We share books that are different and new. New authors trying to make a name for themselves in the sea of books out there. We also share the love just like the original Wookstock Festival because we all know the world could use more love. Make Love, Not War and Read!


My blog is a page for me to post my reviews for Fiction books I receive. I am a huge fan of all YA books and some (new) adult books. I mainly read YA and prefer it, especially (in order) Fantasy, Historical, Action/Adventure, Contemporary, and a little bit of Sci-Fi or Futuristic. I enjoy books that have a sub-plot of romance and has a good amount of action in it. I like books that will make me laugh as I am not a big fan of books that are too serious. I am a huge fan of historical fiction, particularly sea-faring/pirate books. I read mainly Fiction books and do not often pick up/read Nonfiction. My disclaimer for reviewing books is under the “About Me” tab.

Plantomics Book Reviews

Concise reviews about mostly non-fiction books on science, technology and politics with the occasional novel to lighten the load.

Biracial Bookworms

The goal of Biracial Bookworms is to help parents and educators raise readers, but also raise activists and leaders that will use their education to change the world.
I firmly believe in raising the next generation of global citizens by cultivating empathy, gender equality, social justice, and activism through reading.
For this reason, I focus on multicultural books, rich cultural experiences, and multiple language learning.
My ultimate goal is to offer you the world’s best reading strategies to cultivate a life-long love of reading with a little reading magic!

Weighty Words

I review only non-fiction book, mostly of the pop-psychology, history, technological, business or biographical type. Come check out my blog if you are looking for a good reviewer of knowledge filled books!

Livin’ that Savi Life

Hello! I’m Savi, an 18-year-old college student, and book blogger! I really review any genre of books and try to maintain some variety in the books I blog about. Thank you for reading and have an amazing day!

The Lost World of One Black Fish

Books suggestions, reviews, publishing news

Once Upon A Book Blog(ger)

“Reading books and finding adventure, one page at a time.”

A blog about book reviews, new library visits, and anything book related!

Never Too Late

A lot about writing, reading, music, art, and everything else that makes life awesome.