The Coffee & Kindle

A Blog for me to give my views on the books I read. Mainly Thriller/mystery novels, but I deviate every now and then.

Knotty Girl Reviews

We review romance books from kinky erotica, to contemporary romance, romantic suspense and even dark romance. We do cover reveals, book promotions, and book tours for all the top authors in romance. Knotty Girl Reviews also features author and character interviews, giveaways, and writer spots.

I swoon over fictional, non-human men

I swoon over fictional, non-human men is more than just a review blog. It’s a blog where people can engage in discussions about all things bookish and, most importantly, it’s a blog that will generate a few laughs with the splashes of humor added to the reviews and weekly features. I mostly review paranormal romance but once or twice a month, I like to sample books from others genres too.

Caitlyn Lynch, Author

I’m a fiercely honest book reviewer. If I like your book I’ll shout it from the rooftops… but if I don’t like it, I’ll tell you exactly why. I’m not one of those bloggers who only posts 4 or 5 star reviews.

I write steamy and erotic romance and co-ordinate anthologies of the same!

Tiffany’s Book Blog

I post my own reviews. I do some book blitzes, cover reveals and even GIVEAWAYS!

Examining the Odd

Examining books, film, music and art with a touch of the strange about them.

bespectacled imp

I plan on writing reviews about the books that I read (genres as selected in this form) and also writing occasionally.


I am Saloua. I am a teenage girl from the Netherlands and I began with this blog to share my passion for movies/series, photography and BOOKS with you. There are days I just need to scream and shout (song reference: ‘Scream and Shout’ by an Britney Spears) about something that happens in a book (or movie, but especially books) and I can’t share my frustration with anyone and now you are here for me and I appreciate that.

Maggie Books

Hello, my name is Joana, I’m Portuguese and I have a blog where I talk about books. If you want to promote your book send me a message 🙂

Ozzy The Book Reviewer

Sometimes someone else’s opinion is what sways a persons thoughts and here and on this page i give my honest opinion about books i have read and or am reading. As an avid reader, as well as writer my self, books hold a permanent place in my life, so if you do have a book you want to read but aren’t sure about, let me know and i will read it and tell you my thoughts. I am Ozzy the book reviewer, and this is the place to find a swaying thought.