Misadventures in Wonderland

A blog for the book obsessed primarily covering Young Adult, New Adult, and the occasional Adult fiction.


Soul Meets Books

I’m fairly new to this so there isn’t much on my blog just yet. But I am lover of books and I love reading reviews of the books I read before I read them. I wanted a place where I could put my own reviews and share my thoughts with other book lovers. I read just about anything, but my favorites are YA and fantasy.


The Bent Bookworm

Hi, I’m Lizzy! Just a girl with a book obsession, a caffeine problem, and an adrenaline addiction. I read mostly fiction of the YA, fantasy, mystery, or historical variety – usually some combination of those. 😉 I live in South Korea with my husband, our orange tabby cat, Sir Tristan, and an ever-growing collection of books. I also love to travel, be outdoors whenever possible, write snail-mail letters, and create fiber art. I am an old soul in a 28-year-old body. In my life outside of books, I’m a medic with a B.A. in English.


The Book Owlery

Blogging the wordy-world, one book at a time! Hey, I’m S, and I am a bookaholic! Get cosy, I’ll get you some hot chocolate and we can read together.
I am 23 years old, based in South West England. I hope to connect with readers and bloggers across the globe and share tips, tricks and relatable content!
I started this blog because I want to share my passion for reading with others. My favourite genres include: romance, YA, fantasy, paranormal, erotica, mystery and crime.
If there is anything you want to ask me, please feel free to contact me at any time by visiting my blog! I look forward to hearing from you.

S x


Books & Benches

An online “magazine” and book blog showcasing an array of fabulous authors with interviews, reviews, contests, and more.

GENRES WE REVIEW: Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Historical Fiction, Mysteries, Suspense, & Thrillers, Inspirational Romance, Inspirational Fiction (non-romance/non-religious), Historical/Contemporary Western Romance, Western, Historical Mystery, Historical or Contemporary with Paranormal elements, and Cookbooks. We feature poetry collections, poems, and journals on our blog, but at this time do not review them.

Please note that our current reviewers favor the following genres: Historical Romance (Regency, Victorian, Medieval, Highlander), Contemporary Romance (No Chick-Lit), Historical Fiction, Mysteries, Suspense & Thrillers, Inspirational Romance, Historical/Contemporary Western Romance, Western, and Historical Mystery.


Lark and Lily

Our blog reviews mainly young adult books, by two different people.


Hanna Reads

Blog for my book reviews, hauls and book talk. I also post my reviews at goodreads.


Wedges of Lemon



I write short book reviews focused mainly on indie authors with a few mass appeal books thrown into the mix.


Library Romp

I’m an author, reader, library romper, and it’s all about children’s books here. Pixie And The Green Book Mystery is my first early chapter reader in the series. After discovering that libraries are portals to magical lands, I began writing words to entertain and build readers one page at a turn.

Welcome to my Wonderland!