Lori’s Book Loft

Hello. My name is Lori. My library is located upstairs, hence, my blog is Lori’s Book Loft. I love books and perusing library and bookstore shelves. Years ago, I was a library supervisor, and freelanced for a publisher.

My blog is dedicated to books and reviews. I do receive requests to review advanced reading copies and other works. My reviews are made available to viewers and also libraries who use reviews to expand their collections. I truly believe reading expands awareness. And, I hope this blog helps you find new books to love!


Elgee Writes

Authors, publicists and publishers can contact me for requesting reviews at elgeereviews(@)gmail(.)com

Got any questions? Read my review policy before you approach me.


Matt McAvoy Blog

As well as being a lifelong writer and published author, I also love to read books. If you or your client have written a book which you would like reviewed, please send it to me via the form on my website http://www.mattmcavoy.com. If I read your book I will post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and on my website, with links from my Facebook and Twitter accounts – I’ll also put your book’s cover on my Pinboard “BOOKS I’VE REVIEWED”. If you want to return the favour I won’t have a problem with that!

I will read pretty much most things, including fiction and non-fiction (I do like books which cross genres). My reviews are very detailed and bloggy (usually several hundred words), and they do not shy away from honesty, but I’ll try not to dash dreams either! I do comment on grammar, so please try to send me final proofs; for this reason I prefer PDF copies.

I also offer a beta-reading service/


The Book Recluse Review

The Book Recluse Review (formally located at www.thebookreclusereview.blogspot) is where you can find reviews on a variety of genres. Currently the focus is on Amazon’s 100 books to read in a lifetime. Also included are Indi authors, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, psychology, science, speculative fiction, literature, classics, and some history as well. While you will find an occasional romance review you will not find erotica or horror.


It’s Good To Read

This is a blog about the joy of books, the joy of reading, and hopefully getting out there to give the world ideas of what books to read, and what to read next!

My ultimate aim is to create a website that is fun to use, intuitive, easy to navigate, and hopefully leads you, the reader, to authors & titles and reading experiences that you may otherwise not have.

This is the first step in what I want to be a long, enjoyable fruitful journey, with plenty of digressions, OMG moments, and hidden gems to waiting to be shared. I have a lot of thoughts about how I want this to be, look, feel, but am open to ideas and want to benefit from your experiences! I want us to make this the best site in the world for books!

I aim to list books by genre, authors (with a brief bio), Themes, as well as providing a “library service” that will allow you, my reader, to record the names/ISBN’s etc of the books you are/want to /have read.

I want people to critique books, and be open to discussions as you’d have on a book club (except online!). I want people to share the books they found important to them, and why, and provide suggested reading lists according to Theme, or similar books in a category.

Above all, I want people to engage in this project, and help me curate the reading list of the world!


Chick Lit Cafe

We do powerful engaging book reviews and help authors promote their books. Readers love our site.


Books, quotes and all about Chaos

I read books because I choose to live many lives”. Books always make my day, and words that are written in my diary make my night. Aspiring Author, Writer. Would Love to share my reviews for Books. Read about books, life’s perspective and words from my diary. I’ve loved to share my passions, peeves, and points of view with others around me.


Excellent Book Reviews

Excellent reviews of books on Sucess/Leadership/Personal Growth and related fields, spiced up with commentary and opinion peaces on the topic. My reviews are thorough and informative, but also very entertaining. I have an eye for absurdity, spiel and fallacies in business books, and like to reveal those in a snarky and (hopefully) witty way.
Reducing 200+ pages of reading material to a single score is tough, so here’s how I do it: I read for entertainment and to learn something, but only the latter part can be (somewhat) objectively evaluated. Concerning books, I am hard to impress, but equally hard to disappoint. Most books are average and will get an average score. If it’s OK for you that I almost exclusively have ratings from 2-4 stars out of five, and that some of the 2-star books were among my favorite reads, then you should visit my site.
My blog is still evolving as I have not found my definitive style of writing (still undecided if swearing is in or out), and I’m experimenting with new formats and technical stuff. I’m german by the way, so also expect some erratic use of the english language. Whether you are a successul professional or want to become one, let me read some books for you, so you know which ones to buy or avoid. Or just come and read my stuff for your enjoyment, what do I care… Hope to see you soon.

Always be the best you can, and expect the same from your books and your book bloggers!


Books & Adventures

A blogger sharing great books and great adventures, big & small.

Get ready to fall in love over and over again with a new book and a place in the world.

An avid reader who covers a wide genre of books, from YA fiction, general fiction, thriller, to self development, Business & Finance.


Red Lips and Bibliomaniacs

Hi, I’m Nirmala, a self-diagnosed bibliomaniac. 🙂 I started my blog in September 2016 to keep track of my reading escapades, and have been posting at least eight times per month since then.