Subverso Literatura

This blog is written in Portuguese.

I write book reviews, my opinion on matters related to literature in general, I also craft lists (reading lists, good books, bad books, quotes, and so on), and will launch some challenges in the near future depending on readers’ engagement.

Having Faith Book Blog

I’m an English Literature student in the UK and my mainly sci-fi blog launched in January 2017, whoosh. I’m considering doing a video blog but my productivity isn’t high enough to consider that yet. I’m interested in reviewing newly published science fiction novels, definitely including undiscovered indies, but I have accepted a few eye-catching exceptions on other subjects. For any genre, I assess whether it’s a good example of its type (not whether I have a preference or disinclination toward that genre). I hope to find good books and get people reading new authors who deserve to be read. If you want to add any recently published indie SCI-FI books to the review list, you can email them to me by pdf or mobi. If the book is not newly published, you have a heap of reviews already or you’re a successful professional writer backed by a large publishing house, email me first and you’ll have to persuade me to read it. Persistent types won’t win. It’s okay, I don’t bite but scratches are always a risk because independent reviewing is different to promotional publicity, isn’t it?

Caitlyn Lynch, Author

I’m a fiercely honest book reviewer. If I like your book I’ll shout it from the rooftops… but if I don’t like it, I’ll tell you exactly why. I’m not one of those bloggers who only posts 4 or 5 star reviews.

I write steamy and erotic romance and co-ordinate anthologies of the same!

Roses in Ink

Roses in Ink is a book review blog that posts weekly in the romance genre and its sub-genres of young adult, mature audiences, and paranormal romances. In addition, Roses in Ink runs an annual reading challenge with monthly themes and a prize draw at the conclusion of 2017.


I post book reviews on contemporary woman’s fiction, historical fiction and Christian nonfiction

Tiffany’s Book Blog

I post my own reviews. I do some book blitzes, cover reveals and even GIVEAWAYS!

Pretty Little Memoirs

My name is Becca and I’ve been running my YA Blog: Pretty Little Memoirs since 2012! I have been in love with books and reading them since I was really young. Being an Author is my DREAM that I hope to achieve soon! Young Adult books are THE best. I’m a huge fan of making playlists for EVERYTHING; music is like reading for the soul.
I adore Vintage and I love Cats (who doesn’t?!). I aim to make PRETTY LITTLE MEMOIRS a place you find is like talking to a friend or going to your favourite bookstore. Feel free to message me or leave a comment anytime. I love to talk books!

Examining the Odd

Examining books, film, music and art with a touch of the strange about them.

Chocolate’n’waffles Blog

This little corner of the internet is owned by a young woman named Donna. She loves being buried under tons of books, torture herself to find the right way to express her feelings about stories with reviews, and eat lots of yummy food.

bespectacled imp

I plan on writing reviews about the books that I read (genres as selected in this form) and also writing occasionally.