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I am an English major with a lifelong hunger for writing. I have more than 35 years of professional writing experience. I began writing as a child, and write in multiple genres. I currently have two manuscripts I am working on completing, one at a time, of course. To sum it up as indicated on my social media platforms: I am a writer, book reviewer, blogger, veteran, and soon to be an author. I’m a member of the Women’s National Book Association, National Association of Memoir Writers, a Professional Book Reviewer for NetGalley, an Elite Reader for AuthorXP, as well as various publishers.

My Book Review Guidelines:
I read and review EDITED Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) and pre-published books. I prefer to do my reviews via manuscript, Kindle or Adobe Digital. PLEASE do not ask me to review a book that has not been professionally edited at least once as this is not fair to the author, or to me as a reviewer. I also review newly published books. My preferred genres for reading and reviewing are Biographies, Memoirs, Health, Mind & Body, Historical & Literary Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Nonfiction (Adult), Poetry, Politics, and Self-Help. I review non-published books before I review published books. If you would like to have your book reviewed, please contact me at


Hi , my name is Anjedah and I am a post graduate student (medieval history). The genre I like is mostly fantasy , YA , historical fiction and biographies or autobiography. I love to do book review in my free time being a postgraduate student and having a book blog is difficult sometime but the passion to read is what I like most. One thing I know is I read books to make myself calm and to travel places which I might not travel. I actually don’t like books which state situation and problems just one after another because it’s not how you write a novel I know author put a lot of there time but it’s really bad when I read these book and I just don’t get it what to read .
I am mostly bubbly person but I think a lot and I read book and try to think a lot about characters and what will happen if I am the one of character . its kinda awesome .
that’s all I think ^-^

Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion

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Your Book, My Review

Handled by an unpredictable book freak and reviewer. This blog is about books, books and books. So some of the things you can expect on this blog are: book reviews, author interviews, cover reveals, bookish fact and similar bookish stuff. I am open for book paid and unpaid book reviews. Feel free to contact if you are looking out for an HONEST review. You can also suggest me books which you want me to read a review, I will be obliged to do so. I am planning to make this blog more bookish and more interesting, so suggestions are welcome.

Comet Readings

Hi! I am Elisabeth. I am an editor and translator, and I live in Rome with my husband and our daughter.
Here at Comet Readings, my goal is to share my love for books and my appreciation for many wonderful authors, On the blog, I share honest reviews of books I’ve read and enjoyed and I share blog tour of books I’ve on my TBR list. I usually don’t like to post reviews of books I disliked. When I found captivating books, I usually love to chat with the authors and I share my Q&A on the blog.

Creative Whisperings.

Creative Whisperings, a unique blog to explore authors and books. As an author creative whisperings has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.


A blog which allows readers and authors to view personal opinions of certain books and connect with the author of the site. Accept book reviews, interviews and tours.

For The Southwest By The Southwest Book Corner

Books that take place in the Southwest – Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Many of the authors are from the Southwest also. There are many Kindle e-books to borrow and Giveaways for answering questions concerning the books listed. I do reviews upon request also. Blog is more than just books, it’s showing our love of the Southwest.


Tea Book Blanket

This blog is a roundup of books and gifts that celebrate the love of reading as more of a lifestyle and not just a hobby. I read and share reviews of historical fiction, historical romance, and historical fantasy novels. So grab a cup of tea, a book, and get cozy.

Once and Future Books Blog

This is a book blog dedicated to all of the books that have ever been or ever will be. We have handy book lists, unique book reviews, bookish tips and tricks, advice on starting your own book blog and writing of our own. Sign up for our bookish newsletter. We have giveaways all the time so check out what might interest you this week.