Feather Tones Book Reviews

Welcome to Feather Tones Book Reviews & Editing Services. I am a new blogger as of September 2018, but not new to the world of reading! At Feather Tones I review obscure series and best sellers, and love picking up books from the library or books that have been requested! Want to work with me on your novel? I have options for that too! See my review policy here: https://feathertonescom.wordpress.com/review-policy/

Drop me a line, don’t be shy!


Paranormal Peach

I still love to read fairy-tales. They are just a whole lot sexier now. Paranormal Peach is a blog dedicated to providing insightful Paranormal Romance book reviews and other “bookish” prose for anyone interested; whether you share my obsession with ParaRom or are just passing by to take a peek.


Robin Loves Reading

I love reading! I have surpassed my 2018 goal of 200 books by 25. And…there is no end in sight!

I review for my blog, NetGalley, FirstToRead, Edelweiss, Goodreads, Amazon and now YouTube.

I especially love psychological thrillers, but also historical fiction, romance and more.


Wonder Books

Launched on 6th May 2018, Wonder Books is one of the fastest growing Book-related-Websites. We review books on 10+ platforms with 3000+ followers. We are completely devoted towards books and contents related to it. We do our best to bring you the latest Book News and Reviews.

Here you will find Book Reviews, Book Recommendations, Author Recommendations, Book offers, Contests, Giveaways, Author Recommendations and many more bookish contents.


Author Anthony Avina’s Blog

Author Anthony Avina’s Blog is a place for authors, readers and everyone in between to enjoy all things books. From blog posts, review, blog tours and author interviews to updates on my latest books and more, everyone can find something to enjoy here. In operation for a couple years now, this site has worked with everyone from indie authors and self-published writers seeking to make a name for themselves to best-selling authors and more.


Shalini’s Books & Reviews

My first love has always been BOOKS. My blog features my reviews, author interviews, book spotlights, and other bookish events. I read practically all genre, according to my mood.


Books Charming

Book reviews


What Rebecca’s Read

Reading on my daily commute into Central London & giving my honest opinion about the books I’ve read.


Heart and Soul Books

Reviews and author services for independent and published authors.


Sarah Stubbs – Historical Fiction with Heart

Book reviews, book tags, and lots of sneak peaks for Sarah Stubbs’s upcoming books.