Epeolatry London

Epeolatry London is a home for the ecclectic and inquisitive minds of bookworms – a place to see book reviews that are never paid for, to share the experiences of suffering tsundoku (I cannot be the only one!) … and more!
Book reviews should go beyond the simple rating of how enjoyable the content of a book was as there is more than the content of the book that makes the experience so fulfilling and (I am sure that) eveyone has a ‘waste of money’ shelf that is filled with books that failed because of the lack in places other than content. Further, book reviews on this site will give you, the reader, a more unbiased review of the books (with Epeolatry London’s reviews kept seperate as much as possible from the personal opinion of the reviewer) hopefully stopping your ‘waste of money’ shelf from growing.
Although this is a book reviewing blog it will always go beyond this with book and reading-centred posts and dedicate posts to the reading and writing aspect of the Open University!


The Book Club Network

I post book reviews, author interviews and some book giveaways being hosted by authors that usually go along with author interviews. I review children’s books, Cook books, and fiction books. I also review a few non-fiction books like devotionals and inspirational books. I’ve been blogging since 2008



Unless it’s the last day of the month, I publish book reviews on Mondays. Should I have more reviews to publish than that, I’ll add other days to the mix accordingly. I’m a lifestyle blogger in the process of a legal name change, which I occasionally blog about, in addition to: my life as an autistic, my allergies, food (recipes, plus discoveries), various forms of entertainment (books, film, TV), blogging, writing, and my life in general. I see things in the world as connected, even if they’re polar opposites, and my blog reflects this and how people have multitudes — how we’re ever-changing. Book review policy: https://janepedia.com/about/book-review-policy


semper aliquid novi africam adferre Books from and about Africa

My bookblog is dedicated to books related to Africa. There is always something new coming from Africa. I read books on many topics, but always related to Africa. Books written by writers from the African content. Books written by others on subjects pertaining to Africa. Africa is a very divers continent, so there is much diversity in what I read. Every week I publish a new review on a book. Next to that there is news about books, writers, publishers and the African world of books.


The Book Self Blog

The Book Self Blog (or just The Book Self) is a blog filled with book reviews, and various interesting topics regarding all thinks related to bookos, writers, authors, media, libraries, publishing, writing, bookstores and so much more!!! I’m the main blogger (I go by Bookish Jen) but I’m always open to guest posts.

The Book Self has been in existence since 2013 and has received positive feedback from folks like former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, columnist Katha Pollitt, Emmy-award winning film makers Joan Kramer and David Heeley, British author Rosie Blythe and LA-based book publicist Jeff Abraham.

And recently the San Francisco-based organization Eventbrite asked me to write about my fantasy book discussion panel, which I was only too happy to oblige.


5171 Miles Book Blog

We are besties from different corners of the world, Texas and Germany, blogging our hearts out for our favorite books and authors. We typically stick to contemporary romance, but we love a mix of genres.


Reading List

While mostly a book review blog, I also put up monthly bookstagram challenges for Instagram, and post random book related posts off and on.


SanWa Journeys

SanWa Journeys is a blog from Sandrine Tungka which mainly talks about books, traveling, and lifestyle.


Writings, Ramblings, and Reflections

Writings, Ramblings, and Reflections is a blog about the three R’s of Faith Blum. She also occasionally adds in a fourth R: Reviews.


Halo of books – Book reviews

Halo of books is a dedicated blog which caters book reviews, book promotion & recommendation, author interview and reading tips.