Here Wee Read

At Here Wee Read, I find and share the very best diverse and non-diverse books that I read aloud with my two children. I am dedicated to shaping our family culture around books and a love for shared reading. I also write book reviews, provide book recommendations, host giveaways and provide literacy tips.

The Travelling Reader

We read and review fiction books which have been based in the UK. For some books, we travel to the place the book was set and on our return from our travels, we review both the book and the place and post the reviews on the site. We have dedicated pages for our book reviews, our place reviews, a blog and a subscription service which incorporates the travelling we do.

Breakeven Books

Breakeven Books receives books from authors and publishers to be read and gives an honest review. All reviews will be posted on the Breakeven Books blog.๐Ÿ“”

Bookstock Festival

Bookstock Festival, is the book equivalent to Woodstock music festival. We share books that are different and new. New authors trying to make a name for themselves in the sea of books out there. We also share the love just like the original Wookstock Festival because we all know the world could use more love. Make Love, Not War and Read!

Musings of a Snickerdoodle

I am a Christian blogger who reads and critiques many Christian books. My dad is a pastor and I often have discussions with him on what I love about a book or what I am critical of while reading these books. I am also quite interested in biographies and other history books as well (Christian and non-Christian). I do not guarantee that I will like any given book. If I agree to review a book you can be sure that I will give an honest opinion as to why I like or dislike the book.


A blog that reviews an assortment of books but primarily reviews mystery/thrillers and historical romance books as well has random posts on my personal life and other bookish memes

Tangled in Text

Reviews and Giveaways of Books, Media, Travel, and More

The Sketchy Reader

I’m an artist and a voracious reader. I enjoy reading books of all genres and blogging about them. I write a Literary Friday post every Friday, and I’m a TLC Book Tours Blogger.

This Adventure Called Write

I blog about a few things only. Books I’ve read and with my boys as well as words we don’t often encounter. We read any genre from classics, non-fiction, horrors, fiction and whatever else happens to land on my bedside table. I’m a word nerd and have collected all sorts of words over the years which are slowly finding its way to my blog.

Sarah Anne Carter

Sarah Anne is an avid reader and blogs her book reviews on Mondays and Fridays. She also hosts a monthly Online Book Club for readers.