Books R’ Fab

My sister and I started our blog 4 years ago, we both think of reading as an adventure! However, my sister is still in school and she has not been able to read like she used to. I am an avid reader, you will always find me with a book in my hand. I love to read an array of genres and share my experience about the books with my fellow readers. I do not read a lot of non-fiction, it is just something I have not been able to get into. I do read a lot of YA and have some authors that I really love.

Hello Yellow Room

Librarian posting modern fiction book reviews, answers to interesting reference desk queries, and children’s room story time plans. Each book review is paired with a recommended playlist to listen while you read.

Book Squirrel

Book Squirrel is the most avid reader in the forest. He loves reading and reviewing books, and sharing great books with the world. He rewards great books with Gold, Silver or Bronze Acorns, and introduced the Golden Squirrel Awards in 2017 for the best book he had read in each genre for the year.

Amy’s Book Obsession

This blog began as a place to keep track of the many books that I read as well as my reviews of those books. The blog is meant to be a place for anyone who loves books and reading to come to learn about books, add to their TBR and all sorts of bookish things!

Fariha’s Studio

I’m an avid reader of fiction books. I started my blog in 2017, a year after I began my books Instagram. My reviews are posted on blog, Goodreads, and on Amazon. My review policy can be found on the blog.

The Little Booknerds in the Corner

All of us here are book nerds of some kind. Potters heads, Divergents, Tributes, Shadowhunters, Howlers and any other type of fan book based group. This blog is perfect for everyone no matter what type of book group you belong to.

Heather Tasker

Dweebdom, reading, writing, and reviewing, and living with chronic illness.

I am a big fan of dystopian novels – YA and classic style, science fiction, speculative fiction, health and wellness books (though I suppose I’m pretty picky on those), I like thrillers but am not big on “whodunnits”, I like memoir/biographies, romance and erotica enough to read them occasionally but prefer those elements not being the main focus of what I read.

It’s hard to say what I will be interested in or not just by genre. I like a bit of overyrhing, if it’s well written! Also, I’m part of the grammar police. I’m not mean about it but I take (and send) notes and if a book is in really rough shape I may not enjoy reading it at all.

Now, if you’re looking for a proofreader, that’s another story!

Happy Little Blogger

I write book reviews, mainly YA contemporary and fantasy. Sometimes I read poetry and I am a member of the Poetry Book Society.
I also share study tips and advice as I am studying English Literature with the Open University.

Miss Honeybug’s Reads & Crafts

Hi! Alicia here!, this blog is all about my passion for books and crafts. I try to post once or twice per week from YA romance to self-help and lots of art and craft related books. I will also share my own crafty works and even tutorials, mostly book inspired creations. You can visit me anytime and chat with me through any social media channel or comments section of my blog, I would love to hear what you are up to 😀

The Reading Life

The Reading is a book blog that topic does not limit to anything as long as it relates to literature one way or another.

I’m a blogger and reviewer who is generally open to all genres but is more favorable and preferable toward YA (and have a bigger YA audience as well). Enjoy romance in YA books, but will not accept Erotica.

Most preferable genre in YA is Fantasy, followed by paranormal, dystopian, and contemporary.

My reviews are always posted on my blog (The Reading Life), Amazon, and Goodreads while I always promote it through Twitter and Facebook. The majority of my audience are in US, Canada, and several countries in Europe including Italy and Lithuania.

Along with the promised reviews, it’s a habit of mine to always throw in something extra for the publishers or authors if they wish (extra promotions, giveaway, etc).