Jessica Writes

Jessica Writes is my own personal little corner of the world to freak out over my favourite books, sharing my thoughts and happy squees with the world. I review anything and everything – whether that’s Young Adult, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, I’ll be there tooting the praises of my favs. Has also been known to ramble about the woes of novel writing and sharing my own pieces of original fiction/poetry on occassion.

Crowvus Book Blog

I started my book blog because, as well as writing, and providing people with other authors’ work, I also love reading! On the blog, I will review books that I’ve read and enjoyed. I don’t like negativity so I won’t post up a review of a book I disliked. I always try and read to the end of a book – even if I don’t gel with it.

I Can Only Blame My Shelf

Hi! I’m Cat, a London-based book blogger. On my blog,, I review books from all kinds of genre. My tastes are quite varied but I tend towards literary fiction (excluding poetry) including thrillers, drama and satire, and non-fiction about topics like history, politics and psychology. I also talk about books and reading in general, as I’m really interested in the psychology of reading, its benefits in terms of increasing your wellbeing and expanding your mind, and other literature-related topics.

Betta La Talpa

Piccola ma grande lettrice!

Artisan Book Reviews

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Andrew Blackman: A Writer’s Life

I’m a British literary fiction writer and avid reader. I’ve been blogging since 2007 about books and writing, with occasional detours into travel and general philosophising. You can browse the full list of books I’ve reviewed at

The Ally Library

A blog about book that I am reading including monthly lists on a theme such as, Quick Summer Reads or Books about Moms. Wide variety of books largely based off of what I stumble on.

While I Was Reading

My mission at While I Was Reading is to introduce readers to content and authors which may be outside their bookish comfort zone. I strive to encourage discussion not only about books, but also how we relate to them in regard to our own personal histories. By sharing my experiences, I weed out the overhyped and trendy titles, and I will lead readers to a richer life intellectually and emotionally, by introducing them to the “right” reading material for whatever they may be going through in life.

The Haphazardous Hippo

I have an eclectic taste in books and I love shouting about my latest must-read and generally sharing the book love. I run a couple of author spotlight features on my blog and I also take part in the occasional blog tour. I love supporting authors, whether they are traditionally or self-published, in whatever way I can.

More Of Him

My blog is all about the books I read, my faith, my writing, and my artwork. I do book reviews for several different publishers, publicity groups and authors.