The Book Whisperer

Discussing all things bookish since 2009. I review books from most genres (with a love for crime, contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction and literary fiction) and I have interviewed authors including Kathryn Stockett, Mary Higgins Clark and Elly Griffiths. . I am passionate about books and will be about 500 years old by the time I’ve got through my TBR list!

Short Book and Scribes

My blog is a mixture of reviews, guest posts from authors, cover reveals, Q&A etc. I also do a weekly round up post which includes all the books that I have come into my possession in the previous week.

I’m absolutely book mad and like nothing more than chatting about books with like-minded people.

I have a review policy on my site. I’m happy to consider books for review but as I have so many to read I do often have to turn them down, unfortunately.

Please come along and take a look.


I (Annabel) have been blogging about books since autumn 2008. My blog’s changed names a few times since then – from Gaskella to Annabel’s House of Books, before settling as AnnaBookBel when I went self-hosted. I am an eclectic reader – mainly of contemporary fiction but with a mix of nearly everything else thrown in, including crime, SF&F, graphic novels, YA, horror, poetry, classics and modern classics – all on the printed page, I really dislike reading on a screen. I blog 2-3 times per week on a good week and write about every single book I read, with occasional asides for movies, theatre and other things. Hope to see you visit my blog – thanks for reading.


I reviewed for another blog for a few years before starting chezshayonline. My reviews are posted under a pen name, 2shay. There are four others who review for my blog, Pistol Annie, Pat and Tonya who all do mostly contemporary romance with an occasional historical romance. Fanfiction Floozy reviews mostly…Fanfiction. I am pretty eclectic. I love romance, of course, but I also love popular fiction. I have had or have reviews pending for James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Lincoln Child and I have the new Kathy Reich on hold. I love western romance, but the author has to get that right. I live in farm/ranch country and have spent most of my life around rodeo so those authors need to get the details right…I can be very critical when they are wrong. I like science fiction, but I’m not an addict. I like paranormal a whole lot as long as their isn’t a lot of witchy stuff. I read a little m/m. I do not read or review non-fiction.

Reel Literature

Reel Literature is the quintessential blog for book to movie adaptations where our motto is “Love the book. Tolerate the movie.” On the blog, you will find book and movie reviews, book-related news, thought-provoking book quotes, and original posts from The Wizard and invited guest writers. Additionally, we celebrate diversity in the book world by reviewing books from authors representing marginalized groups.


Bookliterati is all about book reviews past, present and future. I cover a wide range of genres; historical fiction, contemporary fiction, thrillers, crime, and women’s fiction. I have a weekly feature A Life in Books where authors and bloggers discuss some oth the books they have enjoyed over their lifetime.
Pop over have a look and let me know what you think.

La Page Ouverte

La Page Ouverte is a French blog that critics contemporary, historic and classic books. We also talk about essays and some non-fiction books that we read.

Ecstatic yet Chaotic

This blog is a vague representation of my love for books and everything bookish.

Fic Gal

I read what I want. I post reviews. I sometimes do tags. I post regularly but I am trying to post a little bit more now. Hoping to reach a point where I can offer regular giveaways for books etc. I also hope to have a book club up and running but that’s still a bit up in the air.

The Last Page

The Last Page is a personal book blog where I post reviews, author interviews, bookish discussions, and the occasional giveaway. I’m a mood reader and my tastes tend to be pretty eclectic – there are very few genres I won’t read. Posts go up twice a week and I actively review ARCs.