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I blog about YA, New Adult, and Middle Grade (and some graphic novels) books. I also do book tags, author interviews and such. I also do a wee bit of blogging about mental illness but mainly books ๐Ÿ™‚

Read Yourself Happy

A literary and lifestyle blog, celebrating everything bookish, including reviews, reading lists, new releases, and more!

Wonder Books

Launched on 6th May 2018, Wonder Books is one of the fastest growing Book-related-Websites. We review books on 10+ platforms with 3000+ followers. We are completely devoted towards books and contents related to it. We do our best to bring you the latest Book News and Reviews.

Here you will find Book Reviews, Book Recommendations, Author Recommendations, Book offers, Contests, Giveaways, Author Recommendations and many more bookish contents.

Author Anthony Avina’s Blog

Author Anthony Avina’s Blog is a place for authors, readers and everyone in between to enjoy all things books. From blog posts, review, blog tours and author interviews to updates on my latest books and more, everyone can find something to enjoy here. In operation for a couple years now, this site has worked with everyone from indie authors and self-published writers seeking to make a name for themselves to best-selling authors and more.


a place for bookish fun! run by a girl obsessed with books and would like to share her love for them with the rest of the world.

Books Charming

Book reviews

Sarah Stubbs – Historical Fiction with Heart

Book reviews, book tags, and lots of sneak peaks for Sarah Stubbs’s upcoming books.

Queen J Reads

All about the books and the authors you love!

The Fictional Firefly

A book blog run by a teen bookworm. Posts books from a variety of different genres however tries to focus on YA.Posts reviews on blog, goodreads and may feature books on bookstagram. Will also post on Amazon if requested to.


KookBookery is a library for fantastic people. Taken from the words kook (one whose ideas or actions are eccentric, fantastic, or insane) and bookery (archaic word for library). Posts are mainly book reviews, weekly Kindle deals, occasional book tags, and anything book related. My favorite genres include YA, contemporary romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and poetry but I will read anything that has humor and heart. For book review requests, please visit the link below:
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