Tina Hogan Grant

Author supporting other authors with honest book reviews and interviews. a reader of many genres including women’s fiction, mystery thriller, romantic comedy.


The Ally Library

A blog about book that I am reading including monthly lists on a theme such as, Quick Summer Reads or Books about Moms. Wide variety of books largely based off of what I stumble on.


While I Was Reading

My mission at While I Was Reading is to introduce readers to content and authors which may be outside their bookish comfort zone. I strive to encourage discussion not only about books, but also how we relate to them in regard to our own personal histories. By sharing my experiences, I weed out the overhyped and trendy titles, and I will lead readers to a richer life intellectually and emotionally, by introducing them to the “right” reading material for whatever they may be going through in life.


The Haphazardous Hippo

I have an eclectic taste in books and I love shouting about my latest must-read and generally sharing the book love. I run a couple of author spotlight features on my blog and I also take part in the occasional blog tour. I love supporting authors, whether they are traditionally or self-published, in whatever way I can.


The Eclectic Review

Welcome to The Eclectic Review. I have been writing reviews since 2009 and I love finding new authors to read. I am open to any genre, fiction or non-fiction.


Elizabeth May Jahns

My blog is dedicated to the publishing industry and all things literary. I especially enjoy historical fiction and non-fiction, poetry, literary fiction, memoir, and steamy historical romance. I generally avoid anything involving vampires, zombies, and fantasy, as well as sci-fi (although I do enjoy a good dystopian novel now and then).


Brainfarts & Books

I read and blog about a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I love mysteries and thrillers. I’m always in search of a good self-help book. I love galleys and physical books and e-books. I also listen to audiobooks quite a bit. I am a Mom of three amazing boys and when I don’t have my nose in a book, I enjoy working out, watching sports, eating sushi, drinking wine, and of course, spending time with my family.


The BookWorm Drinketh

I am an avid reader and an alcohol connoisseur.. which is totally different from an alcoholic.. I swear. I wanted to create an open forum to pair books with alcoholic beverages based on the theme, feel and/or content of the book. I will warn you right now that I enjoy most genres, so prepare to expect the unexpected. You could see anything from Romance to Bizarro! Please join me on my pairing journey and join the discussion! (but, don’t imbibe too much, I’m trying to keep things civil here! … Although, I’m always up for a good debate! 😘)

I love everything books, booze and food and love to blog about all, or sometimes I Digress and just do my own thing because.. Why not??

Join me for my Book Reviews/Drink Pairings, my National Food & Drink Celebrations, Far Side Fridays, and Game On Saturdays!


Writing from the Heart

I have always been a big lover of fiction; whether it be soppy romance or dark scary, horrors. I love curling up with a good book, whether it be paperback or kindle edition! There is no one typical genre that I enjoy more than another; if the story grabs me then it is a winner to me. So, when I saw that other people were blogging about the books that they had been reading, well…i just had to give it a go myself. I love reading stories and then sharing them with my followers via WordPress/Twitter, etc.

The main topic of my blog is books/authors but I also create my own short stories too which I share on my blog every so often.



~she/her| 19 | bi | book blogger ~ I just want more queer fantasy adventure novels with dragons and magic… or you know even one?

My reviews are mostly nonsensical rambles and rants. I’ll be reviewing adult fantasy to the depths of YA fantasy.