The Unlikely Bookworm

The Unlikely Bookworm is a book blog that documented my journey as I read my way through the BBC Top 100 Reads. Now based in Sydney, it features book reviews, travel features and blogging tips.

Books Point

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A Song for Summer

A Song for Summer is first and foremost a space where I can share my works, and also geek out about other books I’ve recently read or been requested to read. From fantasy to historical fiction, I find myself attracted to any book that presents itself as an adventure, from the first page to the last. I review books with utmost professionalism.

Lucidity Publishing

In January 2017 I changed the name of my blog to more accurately reflect the scope of my business. Lucidity publishing is a book review blog but also gives authors guidance in their own writing efforts. Lucidity publishing can edit, proofread, arrange book cover designs, and upload books to multiple retail outlets for authors. If your needs are not covered in this description please email with any questions.

Jen’s Book Bag

My name is Jen, and I’m the creator of Jen’s Book bag. This blog is all about books and the authors who write them. I post reviews, discussion questions, interviews, cover reveals and anything else pertaining to books.

Rambling Lisa’s Book Reviews

My little corner of the net where I review books and post poetry.

Elou Carroll

Elou Carroll is a blog of bookish things with a bit of photography, design (particularly book design, writing and food thrown in every so often. It’s not hugely focussed, though I tend to read things that have a bit of whimsy to them.

The book review café

Book reviews and all things books I mostly read and review police procedures, crime and psychological thrillers. You will also find author interviews, guest post and a very popular feature #TopFiveThursday where fellow book bloggers talk about their favourite books, authors and much more. I try to post new content most days but sometimes less due to work commitments.

Books & Reviews

In the beginning, I actually created this blog for myself. I was planning on using this to help me cope with my mental problems. It has turned into an outlet for my well being as well as my enjoyment and growth. Here you can find reviews on books that I have read. You will find books I love, books I like, and books I hate.


A lifestyle and book themed blog
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