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Books, Coffee, and Crafts News is a website designed to share the news of books and crafts in a coffee house atmosphere. BCC News participates in blog tours & hops, book releases & blitzes. Books reviewed tend to lean towards the paranormal, but can range anywhere from sweet to scorching, and cover a variety of genres. Both fiction and nonfiction are addressed. Don’t miss the “Crafty Author” posts. These spotlights can be anything from an author doing a craft, writing about a craft, or even a short story about a character who has a crafting disaster. Our EVENTs page features upcoming events, online or off. With blog posts highlighting some of the events attended by BCC News and others.

The Book Club Network

I post book reviews, author interviews and some book giveaways being hosted by authors that usually go along with author interviews. I review children’s books, Cook books, and fiction books. I also review a few non-fiction books like devotionals and inspirational books. I’ve been blogging since 2008


Unless it’s the last day of the month, I publish book reviews on Mondays. Should I have more reviews to publish than that, I’ll add other days to the mix accordingly. I’m a lifestyle blogger in the process of a legal name change, which I occasionally blog about, in addition to: my life as an autistic, my allergies, food (recipes, plus discoveries), various forms of entertainment (books, film, TV), blogging, writing, and my life in general. I see things in the world as connected, even if they’re polar opposites, and my blog reflects this and how people have multitudes — how we’re ever-changing. Book review policy:

Singer of Stories – Book reviews, soundtracks, and other daily musings

My name is Lindsay and I blog about books–mainly young adult, mystery/thriller, historical fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction. Lots of people blog about books so what sets me apart from others? I am a trained musician and singer of opera so what I do in each blog post is throw in a “listening to” soundtrack suggestion for each book along with my review. Each song is geared toward the book and ties in with a song that is mentioned in the book, a style that fits a character, or maybe the mood or style of the book. Of the books I have reviewed and songs I have included so far, I have used nearly every genre of music and even music from foreign countries.


Blogging about what I’m currently reading and what my toddler is reading. We both love discovering new books.

Cynthia Hilston, Author and Blogger

In addition to being a self-published author, writer, and blogger, I do book reviews. My areas of interest area primarily romance and women’s fiction, although I am open to general fiction, YA, and horror. My policy is that I will read your book (must be given a free copy), leave you an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads, and also write up a book review blog post, which will go up on the 15th of the month. I only review one book per month, as this is all my time affords. I am backed up several months, but if you are interested, please check out my site. Thanks.

semper aliquid novi africam adferre Books from and about Africa

My bookblog is dedicated to books related to Africa. There is always something new coming from Africa. I read books on many topics, but always related to Africa. Books written by writers from the African content. Books written by others on subjects pertaining to Africa. Africa is a very divers continent, so there is much diversity in what I read. Every week I publish a new review on a book. Next to that there is news about books, writers, publishers and the African world of books.

Beach Walk Book Talks

A book blog talking about good books while enjoying the beauty of North Myrtle Beach.

Monday Morning Indie

Monday Morning Indie publishes author interviews, reviews, and the occasional blog about Indie books. Most are children, teen, and young adult books with the occasional picture book thrown in. Only very rarely are adult books included. Connie M. Huddleston is an award-winning Indie author of middle grade time travel books and history books for adults.

A Quaintrelle In The City

A Quaintrelle In The City
is a lifestyle blog focused on {comical} situations at work, book reviews, and travel.

Founded in the winter of 2017 by Evie, a Los Angeles resident. Evie has been a member of the online community for several years. Book reviews have been her main focus but she also has other interests. After years of reviewing romance novels, she decided to launch A Quaintrelle In The City. This is her new platform to express her opinion about books, corporate shenanigans, fashion and travel through her personal style.