Word Gurgle

Reader Extraordinaire! Word Gurgle offers book reviews across a wide genre range. I post across many social media platforms to ensure as much exposure as possible.



A blog of mostly book reviews, occasional author interviews, and very few OpEd pieces.


Stephanie Bucklin

I feature interviews with authors, bookstore owners, and other people in the book business.


History Geek In Town

A blog for fellow geeks and curious readers.


It’s Good To Read

This is a blog about the joy of books, the joy of reading, and hopefully getting out there to give the world ideas of what books to read, and what to read next!

My ultimate aim is to create a website that is fun to use, intuitive, easy to navigate, and hopefully leads you, the reader, to authors & titles and reading experiences that you may otherwise not have.

This is the first step in what I want to be a long, enjoyable fruitful journey, with plenty of digressions, OMG moments, and hidden gems to waiting to be shared. I have a lot of thoughts about how I want this to be, look, feel, but am open to ideas and want to benefit from your experiences! I want us to make this the best site in the world for books!

I aim to list books by genre, authors (with a brief bio), Themes, as well as providing a “library service” that will allow you, my reader, to record the names/ISBN’s etc of the books you are/want to /have read.

I want people to critique books, and be open to discussions as you’d have on a book club (except online!). I want people to share the books they found important to them, and why, and provide suggested reading lists according to Theme, or similar books in a category.

Above all, I want people to engage in this project, and help me curate the reading list of the world!


The Alley-Cat7

Book reviews and other bookish delights, specializing in reviewing young adult fiction, classic novels, contemporary fiction, and children’s fiction.


Debra’s Book Cafe

Book blog started back in 2010 where I mainly review books I have read, giving honest opinions. Also feature book tours, author interviews and many more posts.


The Books and the Bees

In a world swimming with books just waiting to be explored, I’m scouting for some of the best works out there, while learning a few things along the way with the hopes of becoming a published author one day.

I read everything from women’s fiction to fantasy to crime and horror, and certainly welcome recommendations from other bibliophile explorers who happen upon my blog.


Chick Lit Cafe

We do powerful engaging book reviews and help authors promote their books. Readers love our site.


Welshie Books and Thoughts

Hello blog reader, I’m Danielle,

This blog only started as my way to get back into reading books. This was because I decided to start volunteering at my local village library and at the same time I decided to give reading another go.. This blog used to be dedicated to books but recently I’ve decided to add other things – and voice my opinions on various topics – including general life posts..