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I’ve always had an obsession with watching movies with subtitles. There’s just something about having the words right there for me to read while I watch, that make movies so much more enjoyable. For me, it’s like I’m reading the story and getting to watch someone else imagining it at the same time. I’ve always felt like reading books is a lot like watching a movie with subtitles. I’m not really looking at the words on the paper, but rather picturing the story unfolding inside my head, the words are just secondary. Sometimes these reading experiences are wonderful & magical, and other times they, just well, aren’t. I want to let you know which is which, so we can experience the subtitles together.

The Bookshelf Club

A group of twenty something year old best friends taking the world one book at a time. The Bookshelf Club is our place to freak out over our favourite books, sharing our thoughts and happy squees with the world. We’ll review all the things whether it’s young adult high fantasy, domestic noir, horror, erotica or new adult dark romance, we’ll be here tooting the praises of our favs.

You and I Books

I am a personal blogger who posts reviews because I just love reading and letting others know about how many great books happen to be out there waiting to be read. I am an avid reader and normally post on my blog frequently. I am currently reading about 10-15 books per month. I originally posted on where I am rated as one of the top UK reviewers. I am also #33 reviewer in the world on that site at the time of writing this. Creating a blog and posting on Amazon seemed to be the next step. I accept read for review requests and some of these books are present on my blog. I generally ask for review feedback from authors on a read for review basis. Some of the comments can be seen in my feedback section. Depending on what mood I am in, I may also review exceptional films or music album if I think my followers would find them enjoyable.


Books and Messy Buns


Becuase Has To Be So Lonely

I am 23 years old and I am an obsessive reader who is addicted to the feeling of being transported to different worlds that are created in books. I will usually give any book a try, however, I am a massive fan of Dystopian and YA books.
I am a Taylor Swift enthusiast and a Disney fanatic who has a slight obsession with flamingos!
I’m work to fuel my obsession with books, tsum tsums & funk pops! My husband has a lot to deal with! I’m constantly reading books, buying books, talking about books, reviewing books and recommending books to everyone I meet. I love adding books to my personal library and I enjoy searching for new reads.
You will either find be tucked away reading a really good book or binge watching a TV series on Netflix (at the moment it is Gilmore Girls) or watching Disney movies, wishing I was a Princess or a Mermaid (either is fine with me).
I am currently writing my own book, and I am hoping that when I am finished, it will be published.

I’m also a recent bookstagrammer! Below you will find all my necessary links, please feel free to give me a follow. It would be very much appreciated.
Insta: @hastobesolonely
Twitter: @hastobesolonely
Blog: www.becauseithastobesolonely.blogspot…

Review Policy

5 stars – This book was flippin’ fantastic
4 stars – This book was great, just missing a little something
3 stars – This was a good book but not one I would immediately recommend
2 stars – I didn’t enjoy this book but I managed to finish it.
1 star – I really didn’t like this book!

If you want to see my full review policy please visit my blog, where it goes into a little bit more detail

If you took the time to read this, then thank you so much! Happy Reading!

Andrea Murray, Writer

I’m a YA author and educator. I love all things paranormal and romance, especially historical or paranormal romance. I post reviews on my site as well as on Chick Lit Plus (whenever a spot is available). I feature authors as well and list links to purchase their novels. I have an easy set of interview questions and post to Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in a review or in an author spotlight, hit me up!

That Book Lady Blog

That Book Lady Blog is a WordPress site devoted to book reviews and all things literary. A variety of fiction and non-fiction genres are spotlighted.

The Gin Book Club

The Gin Book Club is a small group of friends who enjoy getting drunk and talking about our favourite novels and short stories. We only review fiction, particularly in the following genres: romance (particularly paranormal), dystopian, fantasy and sic-fi. If you’re not sure whether or not your book would be a good fit for us, please check out our individual preferences on the Reviewers page of the website.

If you would like The Gin Book Club to consider reviewing your novel or short story, please make sure you read our Review Policy before you contact us.


Books reviews, new movie reviews, and lots of funny, nerdy word stuff!

Books And Strips

My blog focuses mainly on books, sometimes graphic novels and comic books as well. I also do the occassional movie review, mainly if its a book to film adaptation and feature a weekly Femme Friday meme on my blog which focuses on amazing women in the bookish world.