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Bare Fact Book Reviews

I need your novel. I have a target of reading eighteen this year. So help me. Send me your novel and, in return, I will write you a review.

This is free of cost so a few conditions. The novel must be published. I can read anything. Except gay love. No no I am not homophobic. I just can’t wrap my head around it. Lesbian tales welcome. What I am looking for is the use of the English language. Wordplay. Situation construct and things such. I would love to read a new PG Wodehouse. Or even an Enid Blyton. I hope I am not asking for too much.

I will review only if I am able to complete reading the novel.

The Reading Diaries

The Adventures of a coffee drinking foodie who loves crafting and books.

The Misanthropologist

Where I talk about books I’ve read, books I’m planning to read, books I’m never going to read, books I’ve bought, books I’m planning to buy, or books I’m never going to buy. I’m interested in a wide range of genres, ranging from literary fiction to crime fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, graphic novels, and nonfiction. I regularly read and review novels that win the Man Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize, and works from authors who win the Nobel Prize.

Pages and Pekoe

This blog is about documenting the books that I read, participating in the book community, making new friends, and improving my writing. I want to take that feeling you get when you finish a great book and just want to talk about it and share that with like-minded people. Because you’re my kind of people!

Lu and Bean Read

At Lu and Bean Read, we share our very favorite picture books and middle grade novels (and occasionally some YA and adult reads, too). We love books that are clever, that make us laugh, that share our values of justice, inclusivity and diversity, and that are visually stunning. We host a kid-focused, kid-led podcast through which we interview fun, outgoing authors and illustrators. Our goal is to bring the bookstore/school visit experience to kids right at home.

Singh With Books

Singh With Books is the stage that I not only use to express the love for books and words but also share ideas and stories that matter to the world. You can find reviews, concepts, and feelings for books, writers, and life.


My blog is the space where I write book reviews and blog posts related to bookish things. I also provide insights on my reading life, the books I liked and those I did not like. Here are my preferred genres: Historical fiction, YA romance, Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, African American Fiction, Memoirs, poetry, and women’s fiction.

Siren and Soldier Book Reviews

Im only just starting to boot up my book reviewing again, with a brand new blog and lots of energy. Super keen to help indie authors get their work out there as well as exploring hew books!
The majority of books I read are fantasy but depending on the contents, I am excited to read and review a diversity of genres. The only two genres I don’t review are horror and erotica.
Reviews will be posted on the blog as well as on Goodreads and Amazon. As well as book reviews, I also do author interviews, book releases and much more!

Fanstasy Thoughts from My Easy Chair

Comments on various forms of the fantasy genre, consisting of a book review and links to other writing blogs and articles. Also do guest blogs about a writer’s worst writing fear.