Radioactive Stardust

Hi, I am San and guess what, I blog about books. I do monthly Wrap Ups and TBR’s. Sometimes there are some other book related articles. I mainly read YA Fantasy and Science fiction books, but I branch out to classics, regular fantasy, historical fiction and Romance. Beside books, I also do Bullet Journaling and you will find monthly flipthroughs and some more helpful tips on the whole topic. Sometimes some wild photos will pop up, too, because I like to share them.
I will be happy if you visit my blog and maybe find something that you will like ๐Ÿ™‚

Julias Lesewelt

I’ve always loved reading and so I started writting a Blog about it. Event though my posts are in german language, I often read english books and I offer to select the language.
Yours Julia

Reading by the Moonlight

For the person who reads by the moonlight, who sees dragons in the clouds, who feels most alive in worlds that never were, who knows magic is real, who dreams… This blog is for you.

Excellent Book Reviews

Excellent reviews of books on Sucess/Leadership/Personal Growth and related fields, spiced up with commentary and opinion peaces on the topic. My reviews are thorough and informative, but also very entertaining. I have an eye for absurdity, spiel and fallacies in business books, and like to reveal those in a snarky and (hopefully) witty way.
Reducing 200+ pages of reading material to a single score is tough, so here’s how I do it: I read for entertainment and to learn something, but only the latter part can be (somewhat) objectively evaluated. Concerning books, I am hard to impress, but equally hard to disappoint. Most books are average and will get an average score. If it’s OK for you that I almost exclusively have ratings from 2-4 stars out of five, and that some of the 2-star books were among my favorite reads, then you should visit my site.
My blog is still evolving as I have not found my definitive style of writing (still undecided if swearing is in or out), and I’m experimenting with new formats and technical stuff. I’m german by the way, so also expect some erratic use of the english language. Whether you are a successul professional or want to become one, let me read some books for you, so you know which ones to buy or avoid. Or just come and read my stuff for your enjoyment, what do I care… Hope to see you soon.

Always be the best you can, and expect the same from your books and your book bloggers!

The Booksnake Etc.

Want to know the latest happenings in the literary world or just read book reviews? The Booksnake Etc. offers all that and more! Check us out now.

The Bookish Deer

A page full of bookish photography, reviews and book memes.

Tomes with Tea

Tomes with Tea is a book blog where I review books, chat with authors and discuss my reading/reviewing opinions. It has been in existence since mid August 2017 and at present has 65 followers through the WordPress following system and via email. I will also be setting up a newsletter in the coming months. I have a Twitter account currently linked to the blog and at this time is has 800 followers. I also do bookish giveaways on both my blog and on Twitter.

Little Novelist

Little Novelist is a combined blog for writers and readers where I share writing tips, author interviews, book reviews and news about my own books. In June 2017 I won, Blogosphere Book Blogger of the Year and my first novel was self-published in April 2017.

Many Things Bookish

On this blog I will be reviewing books, top tens (about books) and such. I will also talk a little about writing.

Book Review’s By Maggiesdaisy

I am a book reviewer who receives books from Goodreads and NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.