Jessica Writes

Jessica Writes is my own personal little corner of the world to freak out over my favourite books, sharing my thoughts and happy squees with the world. I review anything and everything – whether that’s Young Adult, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, I’ll be there tooting the praises of my favs. Has also been known to ramble about the woes of novel writing and sharing my own pieces of original fiction/poetry on occassion.

Tina Hogan Grant

Author supporting other authors with honest book reviews and interviews. a reader of many genres including women’s fiction, mystery thriller, romantic comedy.

Heidilynns Book Reviews

I am a consumer book reviewer whom has read and reviewed 125+ books for Indie and Best Selling Authors for NetGalley, Amazon, GoodReads, PandaMoon Publishing, Candid Book Reviews, and the Lewiston Writers Group in 2018 so far. I also have two Facebook pages and an Instagram page that I post reviews to. The genres I will read are Psycological Thrillers, Mystery/Suspense, Romance/Suspense, Christian Romance, Inspirational, Erotica (bdsm, mmf, ffm, ménage), Memiors, True Crime, Contemporary Fiction and Medical Drama. I am extremely passionate about reading/reviewing for authors. I love helping promote authors whom put so much hard work into creating this amazing story! It is great satisfaction knowing I made an day with my review. On my blog you will see cover reveals, links to their books, author pictures, author bios, contact information, and their review. I have been given high praises from many authors whom have used my services.

The Ally Library

A blog about book that I am reading including monthly lists on a theme such as, Quick Summer Reads or Books about Moms. Wide variety of books largely based off of what I stumble on.

Love Sawyer

I’m Randi, the beauty, and brains behind everything you’ll see on Kiss Like a Girl. There are a few things you need to know about me before you get too far into my website:

I’m one of those hopelessly romantic, disgustingly optimistic people you might have heard about.
I see life as one big opportunity to fall in love and live happily ever after. EVERYONE deserves their happily ever after.

I have a bit of a reading problem. It’s pretty rare to find me without a book in my hand. Because I love reading so much, I want other people to experience it, so I post reviews on my blog.

As much as I love reading I pretty much only read contemporary romance and erotica. What can I say, nothing makes me happier than a good love story. Now if that love story has scenes that steam up my kindle and make my heart race, I’m a very happy camper.

A Lucky Grace

Reader. Book Lover. Food Evangelist Attempting to Get Fit. Introvert. Catholic. Blogger. Organizer. All those define the woman behind A Lucky Grace and translate into the blog itself. Books, Romance especially, play a huge part in the blog and in daily life.

The Eclectic Review

Welcome to The Eclectic Review. I have been writing reviews since 2009 and I love finding new authors to read. I am open to any genre, fiction or non-fiction.

Anky’s Book Bubble

At Anky’s Book Bubble, you’ll find book reviews from a variety of genres, intriguing author interviews, fun guest posts by authors, bloggers as well as readers and a little something about my own writing career!

Lady Heather’s Reviews

reading good books, writing, coffee, chocolate, wine, cooking & baking, yoga & pilates, and hanging out with my family and friends

Favorite Books
I read military/historical/paranormal/contemporary, and erotica romance and because of the content of these books
I only accept friendships with people who are 18+

About Me:
I’m a hopeless romantic.
I LOVE stories that have an über-alpha-protective-broken male leads, and sassy-kick-ass-intelligent-witty female leads.
The stories I read MUST have a Happily Ever After.
I often re-read my favorite books.

My Rating System:

5 Stars- Amazing
4 Stars- Loved it
3 Stars- Liked it
2 Stars- It was okay
1 Star – I didn’t like it

Words I try to live by: “Treat people the way you’d like to be treated”


I read a lot of New Adult and Adult romance. I must say, Erotica is my #1 favorite genre. Dark romance is something I read too. My book preference also varies with YA. I read very selective YA Fantasy, not a big fan of Urban Fantasy, YA contemporary romance – not so much. Historical Mystery limits to books based in the Victorian Era preferably having a female lead with a very witty male counterpart.