Obsessed with Romance

Obsessed with Romance is in love with romance books of all kinds. Reviews, events, cover reveals, giveaways and release day blitzes…we cover it all. We have four active reviewers and between us, we read almost every romance genre. We run an active Facebook page and group as well as an Instagram and Twitter for the blog. We also share all our reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and recently became an Amazon Influencer.


Once Upon An Alpha

💗Romance Book Blogger. 🔥Lover of Alphas. ☕ Coffee Addict. 🕵🏻‍♀️Searching for our next favorite book boyfriend. 🎨Autism Advocate



Book blog run by a young hopeful future librarian. Focused mainly on Young Adult and New Adult paranormal and fantasy with the occasional dive into adult mystery and romance. Reviews, lists, suggestions and all around bookish fun!


Matt McAvoy Blog

As well as being a lifelong writer and published author, I also love to read books. If you or your client have written a book which you would like reviewed, please send it to me via the form on my website http://www.mattmcavoy.com. If I read your book I will post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and on my website, with links from my Facebook and Twitter accounts – I’ll also put your book’s cover on my Pinboard “BOOKS I’VE REVIEWED”. If you want to return the favour I won’t have a problem with that!

I will read pretty much most things, including fiction and non-fiction (I do like books which cross genres). My reviews are very detailed and bloggy (usually several hundred words), and they do not shy away from honesty, but I’ll try not to dash dreams either! I do comment on grammar, so please try to send me final proofs; for this reason I prefer PDF copies.

I also offer a beta-reading service/


Ally Books and Reviews

My name is Ally, I’m a student, part-time technical translator and author. But on this blog I’m first and foremost a blogger and book reviewer. Here I hope to help self-published and indie books get more attention. Every review I do is different and unique, just as the books I read. I will accept almost every request I get, yet it doesn’t mean that I will finish the books, I will give almost everything a try, because that’s what books deserve – a chance. BUT if you will ignore my guidelines and won’t follow my review policy I will immediately delete your email, so keep in mind, that when you decide to send me a request, make sure you read my policy, otherwise you will be ignored just as much.


Uncaged Book Reviews

Uncaged Books is dedicated to supporting the Indie and Small Published authors. With a monthly free-to-read online magazine with free author features and reviews. All books that are in the magazine also get exposure on the website and blog. The magazine receives 30-35,000 views each month, and the website gets around 30-40,000 hits monthly, with a social media reach of over 3 million.


23 Review Street

Hi! You can call me Sophie. I’m a twenty-something graduate from Wales, UK. Welcome to my bookish world of everything amazing in fiction. Here you’ll find romance reviews, crime and maybe even some young adult reviews along the way. I love to read (more than anything), shop and social network with other bloggers alike. My goal at 23 Review Street is to spread the word about little known books, praise all my favourite authors new books and even some giveaways every so often! No matter who you are, you’re sure to find something here that you’ll love.


Blazing Zane Book Blog

Blazing Zane Book Blog is a Book Review Blog which connects authors and Readers. We host Blog tours, Do reviews, Release Day posts, Author Guest spots, Author interviews ETC.


Chelle’s Book Ramblings

Hi! I’m a Latin American Bookworm named Michelle, I started Chelle’s Book Ramblings as a place to share my love of books and all things bookish.. I discuss, recommend, review books and book related themes… and also to find other book addicts like me to ramble about our favorite stories, do Collab post and have fun…I can read almost any genre (paranormal, contemporary, sci/fi, fantasy — Young Adult, New adult )as long as it has romance in it… I’m a sucker for romance books…


La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books

Hi everybody I am a 30ish something years old shorty animal lover Latina book geek I love to read and review books. My name is Katiria I live in New Jersey with my pup Mayci. I am so obess with books that you litterly have to take the book or kindle out of my hands too get my attention. I am also looking for indie or self-publish authors for an Indie Author Spotlight that I have on my blog that I love too spotlight them on my blog.