Every Book has its Story

In my blog I talk about book,tv series,film, anime,manga and lots of other things!


Aurora B’s Book Blog

I love books! Here you’ll find open, honest and free reviews of great books by awesome authors who pour their hearts into them. I’m not too picky. I’ll read pretty much any sub-genre that has a strong central love story (paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary, historical, erotica etc…). I also love to help promote books and authors. Give me lots of romance, filled with love, passion and of course my happy ever after and I’m set! LOL


The Empty Pages

The Empty Pages is a blog where I critique and provide a unbiased and detailed review of all the books that I read. I read and cover various genres of book so that there will be books for everyone. Apart from reviews, I do post author interviews and I am coming with some interesting content regarding books and literature in general which I feel will spice and make my blog interesting for the readers. So, if you are confused as to what your next good read should be, let me help you out.


Books Dreams,Life

Books,Dreams,Life is a book Blog and I love to read. I do reviews ,Blog tours,cover reavels ,Spotlights, Release Blitz .


Hike2Forty and beyond

Welcome to my book blog, I’m Beth from Virginia, Casita owner, lover of camping out, hiking, biking, taking pics, kayaking & BOOKS. Sometimes I can read up to 3 books a day. This is a great place for me to explore that hobby.


Download This Book

Download this Book, features the e-books from new up and coming authors. Download this Book covers all genres and styles of books. Our goal is to help new authors get their books noticed.


The Book Swag

Hi! I am Ashley a life survivor! If you have met life, you must admit it can be very brutal at times, and if you have survived your encounter with life, and are still standing, you my friend are a life survivor! (making two of us!)

One of the things that I enjoy in life is books. My personal blog is about books, authors, and the stories behind them. I love all genres of books , and I am having a great time learning about the different authors and their work and their inspiration behind every masterpiece they create.

so together we can hang out at the Book Swag and enjoy the ride.


Happily Ever After

Hi everyone! I’m an avid reader. I read a lot. Like 300+ books a year. Happily Ever After is my outlet. This year I finally decided to publish my reviews online. I read anything with a Happily Ever After. Anything romance. Contemporary, NA, YA, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Erotica, Historical, PNR. I would love to connect with other bloggers, readers, reviewers to talk books. Come by and say HELLO:-)


Nelms Tree Books

New blog that I currently have been review books on. Haven’t done much yet but I hope to grow.


Behind Closed Doors Book Review

I love to read all types of Romances from YA to Erotica, including stories that contain cheating. In all of my reviews, I use key words to describe the story. The tags are listed on my page ‘Books Listed by Key Words’ and anyone can go to my site to find a book based on them. Some of my key words are; Emotional, Paranormal, Unforgettable, MMF, Biker, trigger warning, Alpha Male, Single Parent, and more. You can submit review requests to my email address listed on my site.