The Grey Story

The Grey Story is a blog documenting writing out of experience in any form. The major writings are either food or book reviews or a personal creative section in the form of stories, articles and poems. Every written word is original and is conceptualised before executing in a format it already is.

Dual Reads

I run a book blog alongside my sister and co-blogger Ann. I post reviews every Thursday and Saturday. We blog about all genres of books from Young Adult to Romance to Historical Fiction to thrillers. You can find our Review Policy at the top of our blog for more information about what books we read and review.

Bea’s Book Nook

We read and review a variety of books. If it appeals to us, we’ll read it. More specifically, we enjoy board books and picture books, speculative fiction, mysteries of all types and all romances except historical. We do not read poetry, self-help, non-fiction, or business books.

We also share excerpts, post giveaways, and occasionally do interviews. We do not do reveals – no cover reveals, no chapter reveals, etc.

The Bookworm Society

A blog dedicated to book review, book recommendations, book playlist and basically everything a Bookworm needs!

Ramblings of A(nother) Frustrated Writer

New Book Review every week from someone with a lot of early access to books – with the occasional post about my own writing or any other topics that suddenly peak my interest

Random Bloginess

My Reviewing Policy

My Policy: I will review almost anything in exchange for a free copy, provided that it sticks to these rules:

#1. I will not review anything with excessive Sexual content or Swearing

#2. The book genre cannot be Romance (No offense to you romance writers)

I also want you to know that I will be giving my honest opinion on each book, so if I happen to really hate it, than I’m going to say I hate it. I don’t really sugarcoat it.

So, if you happen to want your work reviewed contact me by filling out the form below, and I will get back to you.

My rating system:


2 stars= This book had some good concepts in it, but I never really felt any connection with the book.

3 stars= This book was an interesting idea, but it never fully lived up to it’s potential.

4 stars= This was a really great book! it had a good story, cool, characters, and everything a bookworm could possibly want. I did have a few problems with it though, but nothing big enough to make the book any less enjoyable.

5 stars= WHAT??!!!!!!!! YOU HAVEN”T READ THIS YET??????!!!!!! READ IT YOU DIMWIT! *Shoves the book in the person’s face*

Hiding in the Bookstacks

This blog started as a project for my English class, and has blossomed into something personal. My friends and I liked to talk about books, and since I can’t talk to them all the time, and about every book, I decided to start a blog as a journal of sorts. The range of books is pretty broad, because I used to work in a library and I love books. I’m open to anyone giving me suggestions for new books.

Media Shadow Reads

Hey there, the name’s Shannon and I run ‘Media Shadow Reads’. My blog features reviews, book tags, unboxings and much more. I’m a big lover of fantasy and ya novels and will be soon be coming up to my one year anniversary. I’ve met some amazing people via my blog and also my bookstagram account (which is my other primary account – mediashadowreads). I love writing and talking about books and my blog is where I do it.

My favored genre’s;
* Fantasy
* Dystopian
* Adventure

I love these particular genre’s the most but am occasionally partial to a bit of contemporary and romance. I like to read these genre’s primarily in middle grade and young adult novels.

Genre’s I DO NOT read;
* Mystery
* Thriller
* Horror

These are genre’s I just for the life of me cannot get into what so ever.

You can find more info about me and my blog, as well as my review policy and how to get in contact with me on my blog!

The Tween Book Blog

A blog about all thing childrens, tween and YA! Find your next great book at The Tween Book Blogs. I review multiple times a week, and am open for suggestions of fun topics for other posts.

Daniela’s Bookish Blog

I’m a 22 year old based in London, I read, I blog about it.