Having Faith Book Blog

I’m an English Literature student in the UK and my mainly sci-fi blog launched in January 2017, whoosh. I’m considering doing a video blog but my productivity isn’t high enough to consider that yet. I’m interested in reviewing newly published science fiction novels, definitely including undiscovered indies, but I have accepted a few eye-catching exceptions on other subjects. For any genre, I assess whether it’s a good example of its type (not whether I have a preference or disinclination toward that genre). I hope to find good books and get people reading new authors who deserve to be read. If you want to add any recently published indie SCI-FI books to the review list, you can email them to me by pdf or mobi. If the book is not newly published, you have a heap of reviews already or you’re a successful professional writer backed by a large publishing house, email me first and you’ll have to persuade me to read it. Persistent types won’t win. It’s okay, I don’t bite but scratches are always a risk because independent reviewing is different to promotional publicity, isn’t it?