Sunshine Rising

Hello there! I am a lover of all things bookish and in November, I decided to begin a blog! I used to be very into Photography and had a Photography business for five wonderful years. I learned many things along the way, but when the time was right I did so with happy vibes. I had other avenues to pursue!

Being passionate about books and reading in general, I joined GoodReads in 2014, but didn’t start really using it until 2016. I decided to take a challenge and try to read 200 books by the end of the year. As of this writing, I am at 193 books read. ​

I do book-reviews of others’ works and I also feature a section of my own writings on different topics. I plan on sharing some of my short stories in the future.

​I review a lot of YA, mysteries, and really whatever I find interesting. I am a new member of Netgalley and am currently reading two books coming out next year that I plan to review as soon as I complete them.