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On Writing and other Addictions

I feature multiple topics about writing and indie publishing. On Tuesdays, I feature New Title Tuesday, book of any genre that have been out for less then three months or will release within two weeks of posting date. On (some) Sundays, I feature historical research posts from any era, on any topic, and from any […]

Alia’s A-List

I started this blog because of my passion for books. So many book reviews are almost as long as the books themselves, and blurbs insipid and dry. So instead, I aspire to write reviews that are succinct yet insightful. Filed Under: Non-Fiction (Biographies & Memoirs), Fiction (Literary Fiction & Poetry), Fiction (Mystery/Thriller), […]

Strange & Unorthodox

So here’s a guy, who loves to read, loves to blog, and loves to write. Put them all together and he loves to write reviews of books he reads and posts them in his blog. But wait – there’s more! He’s not just all book reviews, he loves to posts thoughts, lists, original stories and […]

Constantly Moving the Bookmark

I started my blog in April of 2015 for book review, thoughts about reading and anything else that I find that’s interesting about books. I include author events and I’m hoping to include some giveaways. Filed Under: Non-Fiction (General), Non-Fiction (Cooking & Food), Non-Fiction (Other), Non-Fiction (Biographies & Memoirs), Fiction (Action & Adventure), […]

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