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The Smart Cookie Philes

Reviews from someone who knows a thing or two. The Smart Cookie is a 20 something bibliophile, melophile, cinephile, and cynophile among other files. It was founded by Chelsea DeVries 24 year old published novelist and poet who was looking for a public relations entertainment publicity position after college but could not find one locally […]

Bringing Paperback

Bringing Paperback is a book blog run by Stephanie. There are many reviews on popular young adult books ranging from romance to science fiction. In addition to reviews there are additional blog posts about everything from more book information to life in general!

So I Pondered

So I Pondered was created in June of 2013 as an opportunity to express my opinions on Man of Steel. Since then it has flourished and now regularly provides reviews of the various forms of media I regularly consume, which is mainly books and TV. If it is related to Science Fiction, Fantasy, or comics […]


A brand new book review blog where I, and sometimes my friends, post book reviews.

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