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The Reading Wonderland

I read mainly contemporary YA but branch out occasionally into other genres, I’m always looking for new things to review, and as of July 2015 I will be featuring new bloggers and writers on my blog to give them more exposure and grow my own blog at the same time. Filed […]

That Book Review Guy

I consider myself to be a professional reader. What do I mean by that? As you will find on my “about me” page, I am an author. I write books. In my opinion, any author worth his or her salt must first and foremost be a professional reader, one who reads not just for pleasure but […]

Mark my Words

An author blog with a mix of topics for both readers and writers. I discuss current publishing trends and feature other self-publishing authors and their books/blogs. Filed Under: Non-Fiction (Biographies & Memoirs), Fiction (Mystery/Thriller)


It’s all about books. And menus. And music. And entertainment ideas. And suggestions. And books. Here you will find book reviews, about once a week, with menu suggestions, recipes and musical accompaniment for book club discussions. I’ve also just decided it would be fun to add dream casting for the books and I hope you […]

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