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Lady A , Literature Junkie Extraordinaire

Lady A , Literature Junkie Extraordinaire is where I blog about books and many other book related things. You can find lots of book reviews. stuff about authors, new relases and such. or just fun book tidbits Filed Under: Non-Fiction (Cooking & Food), Fiction (Literary Fiction & Poetry), Fiction (Action & […]

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Clair Reads

I’m a primary school teacher with a real passion for reading; I love all genres but have a soft spot for fantasy reads, whether these are historical, urban, romance or high fantasy. I love to share my favourites and hear from other avid readers. Filed Under: Non-Fiction (General), Non-Fiction (Cooking & […]

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Random Thoughts-verbal diarrhoea of a constipated mind

the blog mostly featuring indian authors and books belonging to crime thriller genre and satire also features author interviews and posts based on books among others. Filed Under: Non-Fiction (Biographies & Memoirs), Fiction (Literary Fiction & Poetry), Fiction (Mystery/Thriller), Fiction (Historial), Fiction (Horror), Fiction (Romance – Contemp & Chick Lit), Fiction (Erotica)

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Lisa Writes

Lisa Writes is a blog that will showcase not only my work but the work of other Indie authors, I will always do what I can to support you. I don’t like your book? I’ll interview you or a character instead! Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. […]

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