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Notes from ‘Round the Bend

I’m an author and avid reader. This blog is me doing what I do and sharing what I love with the literary world. Genres I review: Fiction -romance (I’m not a huge fan of contemporary romance.) -fantasy (pretty much every subgenre and mashup) -erotica -mystery/thriller Nonfiction -biographies/memoirs

Otherwise Fantastic

On my blog, I review stories (books, graphic novels, films, tv shows, etc.) and discuss topics within the fantastical genre, especially fantasy and fantasy-heavy science fiction.

Book Savvy Reviews

A blog that primarily focuses on fantasy reads and the elements of the world. Book Savvy Reviews strives to bring the latest and greatest books to review and spread the word about.

The Book Basics

Recently launched as a community for bloggers and avid readers, The Book Basics strives to provide honest reviews of books across all fiction genres. If you love to read, welcome to the club! As you know by visiting, I love books and read as much as I can. I started this blog as a way […]

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