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My Addiction: Books

My Addiction: Books is a blog where book and movie reviews, memes, and tags are posted. Filed Under: Fiction (Children & MG), Young Adult (All)

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For the Love of Books & Alcohol

We cover all genres great and small! We read and review books and then pair them with the proper drink;) Filed Under: Non-Fiction (General), Non-Fiction (Biographies & Memoirs), Non-Fiction (Other), Fiction (Literary Fiction & Poetry), Fiction (Action & Adventure), Fiction (Mystery/Thriller), Fiction (Historial), Fiction (Horror), Fiction (New Adult), Fiction (Romance – Contemp […]

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Crossing Pixies

Weekly book reviews on every Tuesday. Deals with all types of genres. New books to be read usually take around 1-4 weeks to review. Filed Under: Fiction (Children & MG), Fiction (Mystery/Thriller), Fiction (Horror), Fiction (Romance – Contemp & Chick Lit), Fiction (Romance – Paranormal), Young Adult (Mystery/Thriller/Horror), Young Adult (Romance), […]

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Deke Solomon: books, reading, writing and cats

Great writing in plain English shaped by a lifetime of reading, a BA in English and an MA in magazine journalism. Self-publishers beware: Deke hands out praise where it’s merited but doesn’t hesitate to call a bad smell a stinker. It’s best to read the entire blog before submitting anything. Query BEFORE submission in any […]

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