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The Page Starts Here is a blog that features books from that of the YA genre as well as showcasing some Middle Grade and children’s fiction also. Filed Under: Fiction (Children & MG), Young Adult (All)

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Book Jawn

Ryan and Sarah are a married couple who loves books. Sarah works in a bookstore and writes books and zines. Ryan works in a school and writes a lot of trainings about learning, trauma, and education. They live in a suburb in Philadelphia with their hedgehog, Scout. Sarah prefers young adult, middle grade, chick lit, […]

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Zeit zu Lesen

Critics about the books I read, and Topics related to books, all genre but most of them are YA literature which I am a big fan of. though I read a lot of books in English language, my Website is in German language Filed Under: Non-Fiction (Cooking & Food), Fiction (Mystery/Thriller), Fiction […]

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Lilac Reviews

For those that love to read and write… In addition to book reviews and book highlights, we also have posts about the craft and business of writing. We often have contests to win books, swag or gift cards. We welcome guest posts from authors about their characters, encouragement & struggles they have encountered in their […]

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